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Holiday Party Planner

Written by   Noreen Young, L.E., owner of Noreen Young Cosmetics

Preparing for the holidays can be exciting and fun and now is the perfect time to host a holiday open house. Furthermore, skin care professionals may find that most of their holiday revenue can be made from these events.

It is recommended to host one holiday event before Thanksgiving and a second event the first week or weekend in December, but no later. It is best to have the first event before Thanksgiving because while Thanksgiving weekend will work, many clients will be out of town for the holidays. Furthermore, others are gearing up for Black Friday and other savings. It is hard to compete for clients' attention during this long weekend of sales.

Planning for the Event
Set a date and decide if the time frame for the event will be during the morning, afternoon, or evening or throughout the day. All of these options can be successful, but an all-day event, where clients can come and go, is ideal. Create inviting and eye-catching invites in the form of postcards. The benefit of a postcard is that the professional does not have to hope clients open it as it is immediately ready to view. The postcard should be sent three weeks out from the event and should be followed with other forms of invitations. E-mail clients about the event one week after sending the postcard and post about the event on all of the spa's social media accounts.

Develop a menu for food and drinks and consider using a decorative punch bowl as it does not need to be served; clients will help themselves. Furthermore, plan on the décor and tablescape and how clients will be served. Make a shopping list of the foods and drinks and decide on which disposable plates, cups, and silverware will work best.

Prepare goody bags a few days before the event. Dollar stores are a great resource for swag bags. Professionals can also collaborate with vendors for free samples or door prize giveaways.

The Day of the Event
Decorate the spa with either flameless candles or candles that the spa retails, this decoration will create a lovely ambiance and encourage candle sales. Fresh, colorful flowers and an aloe or fresh herb plant are all aromatic visual touches that pair well with candles.

For music, play holiday songs that are calming and relaxing to set a festive tone. Professionals can also play music that they already know their clients particularly enjoy.

During the event, offer miniature makeovers, hand treatments, and eye pick-me-ups. Do not be afraid to show off the spa, as well as the spa's staff. This event is their time to shine.

Offer products at a "today only" price and give clients time to shop! This event is also a great time to encourage clients to book future appointments and offer them an opportunity to enter into free drawings! Professionals can offer a $100 gift card, a gorgeous gift basket filled with beauty products, and a skin homecare kit for him and her.

Allow time for guests to mingle with the spa's staff. Consider this event a cocktail party with clients. Make it a delicious feast for the senses and a truly different experience.

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