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Big Benefits from Small Talk

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Many people dread the idea of small talk. They think of small talk as uncomfortable chit-chat about the weather that happens in line at the grocery store or the awkward niceties that are exchanged when meeting someone new. However, there is more to small talk than strained, shallow conversations.

In fact, according to research conducted recently at Indiana University, there are big benefits to mastering small talk.

“Small talk is far from small or trivial,” says Bernardo Carducci, Director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana State University. In fact, the psychology professor and shyness expert says, “Small talk is really, really, important. It helps us connect with people.” This is an invaluable for skin care and spa professionals because it fosters mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

master-small-talkSmall Talk is Courteous. In this case, small talk is simply nice talk. It is the pleasant way you greet your client or the sincere compliment you give to them. According to the research, this type of small talk pays off in big ways. “When you’re nicer to other people,” Carducci says, “they’re going to be nicer to you and nicer to others.” This is essential to building a good rapport with your clients and creating and enjoyable atmosphere in your spa or salon.

Small Talk Can Make You Happier. It may sound counter-intuitive, but this research suggests that engaging in small talk is like doing yoga or eating your vegetables. It is a way of investing in your own well-being. This is because small talk often leads to deeper, more meaningful conversations. Over time these conversations lead to stronger relationships and stronger social networks. Carducci argues, “The people who are the happiest and most influential have the strongest social network.” This means that small talk can lead to stronger relationships with your clients and more happiness for you.

Small Talk Can be Good for Business. It is no secret that building strong relationships with your clients is good for business. Along with mastering your craft, mastering the art of small talk may ensure success. It is essential to make sure that every employee in your spa or salon is trained in the art of small talk. Employees should engage every customer in conversation to make each client fell comfortable prior to receiving a treatment.

Practice makes perfect, and perfecting your small talk skills is sure to pay off. It will help you feel happier, more connected, and more engaged at work and that is something to talk about.

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  • Comment Link Amy Wokmarcz Monday, 09 June 2014 10:00 posted by Amy Wokmarcz

    Yes, small talk is necessary. It build up a relationship, forms trust and common ground. And that is also key for doing business. Nearly every successful professional will agree that being able to connect and relate is key, no matter which job you are in.

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