Monday, 04 March 2024 15:21

From Stagnant to Stunning: Revitalizing Skin’s Natural Brilliance  

Written by   Cecily J. Braden

Inner mobility is essential for clear, healthy, and glowing skin. The type of movement needed can vary from person to person, but the goal of balancing the exchange of nutrients and waste removal remains the same.Movement relieves restrictions in the connective tissue, softens muscle tension to allow for the free flow of fluids, improves circulation to feed skin with nutrient and oxygen rich blood, and supports skins natural filtration system to remove excess fluid and cellular waste.


Stagnation does not occur by itselfit is an intermediary, a cause and effect of blockages and accumulations in the tissue. When an obstructiona tight muscle or tangle in the connective tissue, restricts movement it leads to stagnation (sluggishness or immobility) within the tissue, which creates an accumulation of excess fluids and wastes that lead to an abundance of skin related issues. Obstruction can lead to tech neck and sagging from tight muscles and scar tissue and wrinkles from restriction in connective tissue. The resulting stagnation can cause hyperpigmentation, lack of vitality, and tenderness. The pooling of fluids and wastes (accumulation) leads to puffiness, acne, and dark circles


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