Wednesday, 31 January 2024 17:53

Better Connections: Overcoming Social Anxiety  

Written by   Crystal Ochemba-Powell

According to Mayo Clinic, social anxiety is described as “an intense fear of interacting or talking with strangers.” Skin care professionals who deal with social anxiety can find it challenging to navigate connecting with new and existing clients. This fear can manifest in several ways, including having difficulty relating authentically, conducting consultations, and building a meaningful rapport with clients. 


A part of the skin care professional’s job is to connect with clients, assess their needs, and deliver results. However, those battling with social anxiety can feel overwhelmed at the thought of deeply connecting with clients. The key to overcoming this anxiety is to recognize when it is present and take steps to accept and move past it. Signs of oncoming social anxiety can appear in several ways including rapid heart rate and being unable to focus one’s thoughts.  

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