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Is Age Reversal a Realistic Goal? 

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I am not sure there is anyone else in the industry that uses the term, “age reversal” because it has not been the goal of most formulators and brands. While there are promising studies for future medical strategies to reverse aging, the skin care industry has been focused on slowing aging and making people look less old. Is there hope for more?

Yes. As it relates to skin, aging can be defined as a loss of collagen and elastin, a loss of circulation and nutrients, and an increase in wounds that leave skin with hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, or chronic redness. Many companies offer products that temporarily lighten redness or pigmentation, but the goal should be to heal and reconstruct skin. How is that done? First, use ingredients that rebuild lost circulation. They existchlorella, niacinamide, retinaldehyde, and growth factors to name a few.

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