Monday, 11 September 2023 18:39

The Rust is History: Addressing the Causes of Aging

Written by   Dr. Xi Huang, PhD

People, like the inanimate objects around them, are made of matter. Over time, this matter naturally breaks down and deteriorates, its structure and outward appearance slowly altered by the interplay of environmental elements. A shiny new bicycle, for example, will begin to show signs of rust as iron starts to oxidize on its surface and catalyze the aging process.

Iron is the most abundant transition metal in the human body and iron accumulation within the body is known to contribute to increased levels of oxidative stress, linked to a higherrisk of chronic illnesses, like cancer and diabetes. Could the same element prove the culprit behind the way skin and other objects age? Fortunately, there are more than 125 years of research on the topic, but there is a vital missing piece to the modern understanding of aging.

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