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In professional skin care, beauty extracts have become virtually indispensable. For beauticians, they are a means of demonstrating their competency. Nothing emphasizes your professional expertise more than the quiet snap of an ampoule neck and the subsequent application and working in of the precious liquid. No other skin care product can claim to have such an immediate effect and to treat clients to such a delightful experience as the active concentrated formula.

The elegant product filled with precious ingredients offer huge potential for aestheticians. In the past, active concentrated formulas were exclusively used in salon treatments. Nowadays, more and more skin care-conscious customers want to enjoy the benefits of these instant beautifiers in their own homes. Regular skin care using active serums, ampoules, elixirs and capsules at home delivers visible and lasting results, and customers will enthusiastically report about the improvements on their visits to your salon.
This new trend is a profitable opportunity and one you can tap into. Deliberately include these successful products in your communications with your customers to increase your retail sales and generate higher revenues and profits.

Striking a Chord
You see it every day in your interactions with customers: when you strike the right chord, sales talks and consultations practically take care of themselves. This generally happens unconsciously and instinctively. But it is much more exciting to imagine the situation ahead of time and have the right sales arguments ready for every customer type. Depending on what makes a particular customer tick, you just need to drop her a few key words in a certain situation to arrive at the desired result. It is worth developing a few compelling strategies ahead of time for consultations on these powerhouse products, aimed at specific customer types:
The hip trend scout – This customer is always aware of the latest trends, always knows the latest active ingredients and the most advanced formulas. As soon as she walks into the salon, she looks for what is new. Reward her curiosity by displaying your serums in a central location. A subtle reference to the latest active ingredients is enough, and even before she has had a chance to settle into the chair, this customer will have made a brand-new serum line her own.
The well-informed connoisseur – Knowledge is power… That is the life motto of this customer type. You can be sure that she knows all about active skin care ingredients and is carefully following your explanations. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the ingredients of the active concentrates beforehand. Impressed with the treatment experience and the results, this customer will want to take the little power vials home with her.
The luxurious cocooning-woman – She makes a ritual of caring for her skin and sometimes, loves to share a home spa day with her best friend. Applying an active concentrated formula will enhance the home spa experience.
The business woman – Daily skin care must be fast and simple and ensure she always looks her best. She expects products easy to use and easy to follow skin care tips. Beauty, confidence and desirability are equally important to her. Once satisfied, she will continue to use the highly effective product time and time again and recommend them to her close circle.
The passionate giver – Always on the lookout for unique items to give as a gift, this customer is interested in anything new and loves to pamper others. If this type of customer buys a gift voucher for a facial, wrap it nicely and include a free ampoule. This puts you both on the same wavelength and demonstrates a high level of empathy. She is sure to have the next voucher purchase in her diary already, and who knows – maybe next time the giver will pamper herself with a small selection of valuable ampoules.

Powerful Skin Enhancers – Educate Your Clients
Active concentrates in these special products protect against environmental stressors, reduce the look of lines and wrinkles, give skin a plump appearance and assist skin’s ability to regenerate itself. Depending on the skin’s needs, these powerful skin enhancers can be used either for a course of treatment or as a daily extra under day or night cream – and, of course, whenever the skin needs to look its absolute best in as short a time as possible. These concentrated formulas are applied in the morning and/or evening, after cleansing and before the appropriate cream. Depending on the condition of the skin, exfoliating once or twice a week makes the skin more receptive to the valuable active ingredients.

These instant beautifiers can boost your salon business. Enjoy the results!

Cornelia-HanelCornelia Hanel joined the DR. GRANDEL GmbH in 1998. As Export Sales Manager, she is responsible for the international business of the brands DR. GRANDEL skin care and ARABESQUE Make up Collection. Previously she served the company as International Training Manager. Her Business Diploma and her expert knowledge in skin care (certified aesthetician since 1987) contribute her daily work.


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