Eye and Lip Emulsion

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Calms tired eyes instantly; numerous peptides and natural retinol energize wrinkle reducing activity. Dark circles and discoloration due to genetics, hormones and sun damage virtually disappear over time. Reduces puffiness and hydrates.
Benefits to the lips: hydration and lip repair; reduces hyper-pigmentation (brown pigment) caused by sun damage or hormonal changes on the upper lip and around the lips. Reduces lines and wrinkles including pre-menopause/menopause lines around the lips. Keeps lipstick fresh for hours and prevents "lipstick bleeding". Without lipstick and for men, lips look plump, healthy, and have more color due to improved blood circulation.
Size: 15 ml/1.0 fl.oz. (airless pump)
1-800-468-4DNA  www.atzen.com
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