DefenAge 6-Week Perfection Neck Cream.

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DefenAge® New Skin unveils its NEW 6-Week Neck Perfection Cream with Age-Repair Defensins. This first-of-its-kind CLEAN BEAUTY product is designed to lift, firm and smooth the neck area with the power of DefenAge’s clinically-proven, patent-pending Age-Repair Defensins. Like its name indicates, the 6-Week Neck Perfection Cream reverses global aging signs in just six weeks, producing visible, youthful results on this notoriously hard to treat area.

With 15 clinical studies to support the efficacy of DefenAge’s proprietary Age-Repair Defensins, the Neck Perfection Cream signifies a breakthrough in topical skincare for the neck, producing treatment-like results. The scientifically-backed formula is proven to enhance the jawline contour and help to smooth deep lines and folds without lasers, needles or surgery. Clinical outcomes also reflect these neck improvements:

Skin firmness
Pigmentation from sun exposure

The Neck Perfection Cream contains multiple performance ingredients, including defensin-molecules, niacinamide and a special blend of plant extracts, that have shown to be effective in tightening sagging neck skin. Defensins work by activating a dormant preserve of “fresh” cells in the body, LGR6-positive stem cells, naturally promoting the creation of beautiful new skin.

DefenAge practices safety and transparency in all aspects of sourcing and manufacturing products and is currently the only physician-dispensed line with the designation “free from animal- and human- derived ingredients.” The line upholds the highest clean beauty standard of “extended clean beauty” meaning it is free from PEGs and silicones and is also vegan-certified.

Rich moisturization technologies, combined with the unique mechanism of action of DefenAge’s exclusive Age-Repair Defensins, enable a multiplication effect and lead to quickly appearing results. Dr. Gregory Keller, Clinical Professor of Surgery at UCLA, explains: “After just 11 days of my patients using the DefenAge’s firming and moisturizing neck cream, I was impressed to see the softening of lines and skin texture, and a visible neck tightening effect. These effects are due to the defensin-molecules that are also involved in a natural regeneration of the skin during wound healing. Our skin re-epithelializes wounds within a few days, meaning that it is enough for the body to produce a meaningful visible effect that fast.”

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