Lotion X: Blackhead Melting Lotion

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For extractions.

This product is without comparison. Lotion X helps soften and melt the sebaceous oils and dirt in the pores that cause blackheads. This unique formula works due to the proprietary process of fermenting the ingredients. Botanical ingredients such as Rose Myrtle, Soapwort, Sage and Mistletoe work by liquefying the sebaceous oils and dirt clogging pores, making extraction easier.

- Excellent for accelerating the emulsification of clogged pores
- Keeps pores unclogged between facials
- Non-irritating and non-drying
- Naturally unclogs pores

- Moisten cotton compresses with Lotion X. Apply the compress to clogged pores for 5-15 minutes with the Steamer or Electric Heating Mask. Can be used with the Galvanic Current for rapid skin penetration.
- Perform extractions and follow with a mild astringent and Special Cream #11 with the High Frequency Machine or Microcurrents. Finish with an appropriate mask for your client's skin type.

Key Ingredients
- Soapwort and Sage Extracts: Breaks up dirt and oils clogging pores
- Balm Mint, Mistletoe & Mallow Extracts: Soothing anti-inflammatory
- Peppermint Oil: Refreshes, cools and soothes
- Algae and White Mustard Seed Extract: Detoxifies the skin
- Peppermint Leaf Extract: Antiseptic that relieves skin irritations
- Burdock Extract: Antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
- Lactic Acid: Maximizes product penetration
- Clary Extract: Helps control oil production

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