Lyn Ross, L.M.E. | Master Aesthetician, Educator, Author, and CEO of Institut’ DERMed

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Lyn Ross is a Licensed Master Esthetics Instructor accredited through the Georgia Board of Cosmetology with over 30 years of experience in the field of professional aesthetics. Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care encompasses a 3,000 square foot medical spa, “College of Advanced Aesthetics,” an extensive line of natural cosmeceutical skin care products and mineral-based cosmetic line. A true medical spa pioneer, Lyn has written numerous articles, co-authored text books and appeared on radio and television shows highlighting professional aesthetics. She is dedicated to sharing her passion, knowledge, and years of in-clinic aesthetic experience. Lyn provides skin care professionals with clinical and medical treatment protocols, products, and the education that guarantees client results and spa business success.

LYN-TIPI have been in the beauty industry for 38 years! I began my career as a makeup stylist. Soon I became interested in skin care because of my personal experience with chronic acne. I loved learning about product formulations that help to heal the skin so becoming an aesthetician was a natural part of my evolution. I launched my own makeup and skin care studio called I Natural Cosmetics in 1974. I worked as an aesthetician, makeup artist and manager for Spa Sydell for 10 years prior to opening my own business in 1989. I began developing the Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skin Care products and treatment protocols in 1994. I regret not understanding common business practices before becoming an owner. I was an excellent aesthetics technician and the typical Michael Gerber e-myth story. I started my business because I had a passion for aesthetics. Managing the financial operations of the business and the hiring process was new to me, and I made a lot of mistakes in hindsight. When the business really started to grow, I learned the hard way about business processes, structures and controls. I would have to say the role of business owner has taught me the most and has been the most challenging – yet rewarding – experience of my career. Working with dermatology and plastic surgery patients and their physicians inspired me to continuously research, learn and develop my skills both technical and communication. I have learned how fun, challenging and rewarding the creative side of business can be. On the flip side, it is been how I have had to dig deep to train and develop myself in order to keep the company going and growing in a highly competitive industry. I started my business with just one room and a telephone. To be honest, it was all consuming as I built it to include the many facets you see today. However, I consider myself blessed to have balance today, not least of which is due to the people in the organization that support the variety of functions required in driving our success. This allows me to actually take time for myself, which is a necessary part of my personal growth in order to embark on those adventures that keep me excited about innovating new professional products and treatments in order to stay abreast and relevant in this fast evolving industry. And as a professional skin care therapist, my tools are my professional product solutions. I could not work without a wide range of enzyme, acid and chemical peel options. Over the years technology has evolved to support and accelerate results. Therapies such as microcurrent, IPL photofacials, micro-needling, microdermabrasion and endermologie have become standard treatments on our menu.

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