Clara Macchiella Corradini | Mother, Entrepreneur, Training Director, Research and Development Director

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Bioline Jato’s founder and owner, Clara Corradini, got her start in skin care at the only professional beauty school in Bolzano. Shortly after, she received a two-year specialization master’s degree at the school’s headquarter in Bologna and then moved on to manage one of the school’s local branches in Trento. Corradini successfully bought that branch and started her own school and beauty center next door. Years later, she was presented the opportunity to start her own skin care line with her husband, Marco.

logo “I have been in the industry for over 40 years. I am the director of the SEA Training School and the Superior Expert Beauty Academy. I am also head of Bioline’s research and development department. Forty years ago, when I founded Bioline, I never thought I would have such success and that my brand would be distributed in 45 countries all over the world. Perseverance, innate intuition, and knowledge of both the professional’s and the consumer’s aspect has enabled me to be successful. My company’s greatest asset is being a family-run business that maintains and manages the relationships with the distributors with extreme transparency and accuracy. Over the years, I have had to adapt myself to the speed that rules the world in order to stay relevant in this industry because cosmetics is subject to trends that change year by year. While adapting, I still remain loyal to the philosophy with which I founded the company: continuous research and innovation. My curiosity, along with my ambition to grow in this field, has led me to constantly look for new, innovative products and treatments that are able to qualify and value the aestheticians’ work. I also keep my feet on the ground in order to focus my energy on the creation of products and protocols addressed to professional beauty. My advice for someone planning to become an aesthetician is to be prepared for professionalism and continuous training. Most of all, it is necessary to have a lot of passion to transmit to others. I try to transmit to my collaborators the same passion I have for this industry. I do not know if it was by fate or coincidence that I came to decide that this career was right for me. I do know that I have dedicated my life to the world of aesthetics. I can say that I have no regrets. I love my job today as much as I did 40 years ago and I am committed to it with enthusiasm and professionalism.”

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