Up Close & Personal: Intimate Male Hair Removal

For many years, women have been waxing their intimate areas, but what about men’s intimate areas? In the past, manzilians or brozilians were almost taboo. It was hard for professionals to get Brazilian training, and men weren’t even considered for the service. In some waxing studios, men weren’t even allowed to work as aestheticians, and male clients couldn’t get any service done in that area at all. 

During the early years, male intimate waxing was an untapped market, but in 2014, it blew up, got really popular, and remains that way to this day. However, some skin care professionals are afraid to perform this service, and men have sometimes gotten a bad rap. Hopefully, this article can help ease your mind about this service and provide you with some insight that can help you increase your income and clientele.

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Maxie Frericks has been a licensed aesthetician for over 13 years. She owns Maxie’s House of Wax, a waxing studio located in Littleton, a suburb of Denver, Colorado where she currently resides. She is a writer for DERMASCOPE and Skin Inc.. Frericks also teaches waxing workshops and is an educator for Face and Body. Specializing in waxing, Frericks is a trainer for Lycon Wax and teaches waxing workshops nationally. She will also be an upcoming judge at this year’s Skin Games. 

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