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In 2005, I attended Image Works Academy and graduated, but still  struggled to grow my clientele. That's when I discovered eyelash kimberly jaynesextensions. Not only did I have to have them, but I knew it would be a great service to offer clients and a way for me to specialize and differentiate myself.
I invested and enrolled in a four-hour course to learn how to apply them. After little practice, I started taking clients but soon found myself frustrated with the product and application method. Determined that there was a better way, I started doing some research. After months of exhaustive testing, I still wasn’t completely happy with anything I found. On top of that, the best products on the market were super expensive, and forced me to charge a lot for the service.
I pressed forward to find solutions. As I continued taking lash clients, I began to experiment with the application method. After some creativity, moments of inspiration, and a lot of trial and error - I finally got closer to the results I was looking for.
I still wasn’t satisfied with the products I was using and the margins I was making. Through some personal connections, I was able to tap into the overseas market and get product samples from several manufactures. After just one application with the right product, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Like pieces in a puzzle, it all started to fit. The results were amazing and my clients were ecstatic.
I have been doing eyelash extensions for five years and have seen my personal clientele explode, going from a few clients a week to eight or ten a day! Eyelash extensions have been a key niche factor to my overall success as a salon professional. Besides generating high margins and becoming my main revenue stream, they also increase the purchases of my other salon services and products.
Unable to take on more clients, I created Borboleta with the hope of expanding my business and sharing my unique method, product line, and expertise with other salon professionals and beauty academies. After years of research, discovery, and refinement - Borboleta has mastered the art and perfected the process - and is ready to share it with you.

Borboleta Beauty

5198 N University Ave. #406
Provo, UT 84604
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