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May Editor's Note: Acne Intervention

Written by   Amanda Strunk-Miller

DERMASCOPE Magazine has been publishing educational articles on acne every year since it began 43 years ago. Acne is, undoubtedly, a top skin care concern for consumers, especially youth. In fact, it affects approximately 20 percent of people and is a leading reason why many begin searching for solutions. The market is saturated with products and procedures that can assist with acne. Many individuals begin by self-diagnosing and treating their acne themselves. However, such efforts do not guarantee long-term results. Whether the products are not for their skin type, they misdiagnose their condition, or their routine lacks consistency, poor results are more likely when individuals deal with acne on their own.


Yes – we all know the real magic happens when consumers visit a licensed skin
care professional.


Professionals consult with clients, evaluate the skin, learn of any sensitivities, discuss possible contraindications, develop a treatment plan, and implement a homecare regimen. In order for more consumers to seek professional help as their first line of defense against acne, rather than self-treating, they need to be made aware of what professionals offer and why it is so invaluable.


Educate new clients while they are in the treatment room. Hand out pamphlets at the retail counter. Use social media and marketing to educate those who have not yet come in for a consultation. For individuals to see real, long-term success with their acne treatments, it is vital for professionals to convey the importance of regular, in-clinic visits, use of professional-grade products, and a consistent homecare routine.

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