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New Beginnings

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2022 has arrived, and ‘tis the season for new beginnings in so many ways. January has always had a bittersweet taste to it because it means the holiday season is coming to end, but it is forever the perfect occasion to start fresh. For DERMASCOPE, that means a new editorial calendar with brand new education for our devoted readers. This year we have done away with special sections and have included one spotlight article that showcases an innovative topic that requires an in-depth look but is not strong enough to lead an entire issue. This month combs through the hot topic of hyperpigmentation (and pigmentary disorders) with an exclusive article on microneedling and microinfusion.

Starting off with advanced modalities, when treating hyperpigmentation, skin care professionals can consider incorporating laser treatments with more common ingredients to even and brighten client complexions. Learn how to tackle this skin issue from many angles in Candice Morrison’s article entitled, “Combination Forces.”

Lyn Ross’ article, “Cautious Care” allows professionals to become more aware of common pigmentary conditions of darker Fitzpatrick skin types and the differing, delicate treatment options compared to lighter skin types.

For an in-depth overview on causes and reactions, Kirsten Sheridan’s article “Elite Emergence” discusses the science behind more uncommon and emerging hyperpigmentation treatment ingredients and what lies ahead.

Since more aggressive treatments can sometimes lead to worsening or reoccurring hyperpigmentation, Lydia Sarfati’s article, “Uniquely Pigmented” focuses on alternative, more holistic possibilities for treatment and a summary of common pigmentary disorders to brush up on.

Finally, Robert Mazon’s exclusive article, “Microneedling & Microinfusion” describes the details around microneedling and microinfusion procedures and how to achieve the very best results using these advanced modalities.

January marks a new chapter of DERMASCOPE. While we love our history and want to carry on the legacy my family built, it is important to grow and evolve, especially as we get closer to 50 years of being the authority of professional skin care. Readers can always count on us to provide continuing generic education, but as each year passes, we hope they fall in love with our content either for the first time or like it was their first time.


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