Essential Probiotic Gel

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Protect, balance and maintain your skin barrier especially the skin's microbiome, while wearing a mask, using the appropriate cleanser is a good start. The skin's microbiota is your first line of defence, it helps with healing, helps sooth any skin infections, redness or inflammation that can occur.

To protect your microbiome use our Probiotic Gel Wash. It’s a hydrating gel, when combined with water becomes soft and creamy. Being essential oil based but also containing a probiotic powder, it helps maintain and balance the microbiome and feels and smell amazing.

Supported by powerful antioxidants and brightening agents like Salix Alba which helps to balance acne type breakouts, decongest the follicle and lighten the overall appearance of the skin.

Recommended for those wearing a mask all day to thoroughly cleanse the skin and anyone prone to breakouts or that has combination skin. or simply prefers a lovely, non drying gel cleanser.
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