Protecting the Aesthetician’s Assets Through Grounding

Written by Martin Zucker, co-author of “Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?”
To an outsider, the skin care professional’s job hardly appears to put muscles and joints at risk. Yet, reality indicates that muscle and joint problems abound in this profession.
More and more clients are beginning to ask about the health benefits of green tea. The accelerating growth of green tea in the United States market is undeniable. Over the last decade, green tea has gradually found its place in virtually every household, tea bar, café, and restaurant. Green tea has gained popularity as the public has become more health conscious, interested in herbal teas,…

The Scrubdown on Exfoliation

Written by Christiane Waldron
When clients are informed that the top layer of their skin is composed of dead skin cells, they are usually surprised. With that one statement, clients can often be convinced of the importance of exfoliation. Despite its importance, many skin care professionals still do not know what to recommend when it comes to exfoliation.
Exfoliation removes dead cells, taking dullness and flakiness with it and revealing a new layer of glowing, healthy skin. Despite its benefits, exfoliation is often skipped in skin care routines.
The majority of spas see an abundance of clients that are seeking some type of corrective procedure rather than preventative care. However, prevention is the first line of defense when it comes to skin health and slowing down the aging process. Unfortunately, many clients are missing this step and waiting until things get so out of control that they wind up in the spa and…