Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy - Legends in Aesthetics

Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy- Legends… Ahead of Their Time

What sets aside one aesthetic leader or educator from another? What determines whether someone becomes a legendary factor within their field? What does the word legend really mean?  According to Webster’s dictionary it means:  “a notable person whose deeds or exploits are much talked about in his or her own time.”

A legendary duo has rapidly arisen in the aesthetic field within the past few years, but the rise has not been one without merit, great effort and, above all, hard work.

The story of Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy’s Matis USA French Skin & Body Care is similar to that of a hidden treasure that has been revealed.

This dynamic couple set out to provide a quality line with visible results and they have ended up making history within the aesthetics realm.  Like the hidden treasure, the Matis line has become of great value and now illuminates the shelves of thousands of professional, top-of-the-line beauty salons worldwide.

Philippe Hennessey (the marketing half of the duo) is blessed with tremendous charm and an incredible amount of sales know-how. At a young age, Philippe established himself amongst industry giants of international and national acclaim, such as: Schindler, 3M (better know for their product, Scotch Tape), AT&T and now Matis.

With years of customer relations, promotions and marketing, Philippe supplies the Matis USA headquarters with the expert edge necessary for continuous success.  He is vibrant, knowledgeable, charming and sincere.  When you speak to Philippe you get the feeling that you have been friends for a very long time and that should you ever need a hand.. His would be outstretched.

Philippe’s enigmatic style carries over into everything that the company sets out to do.  He is always seeking to provide the very best of service and products to the Matis clientele and is always open to creative and efficient ways to further communicate the treasure and value of the Matis line.  His helpful and supportive nature inspire not only the Matis offices, but he family of Matis USA distributors as well.

To further compliment the quality of products, service and marketing techniques: Matis provides the aesthetic professional with an educator so skilled, so aesthetically refined, that her name list proudly alongside the names of those who have been in the aesthetic field since its commencement - - Sylvie Hennessy.

If we were to ask Sylvie if she considers herself legendary material or of legendary status she would quite honestly respond, “No.”  In Sylvie’s eyes, the work of the aesthetician is one of honor, pride, intense effort, knowledge, constant upgrade and, primarily, sincere concern for clients.  “You have to believe in yourself and feel that what you are doing truly means something, has great value, in order to be successful at it,” says Sylvie with obvious commitment.

She is a petite, strong spirited woman with rose-petal skin and delicate eyes that reflect the wisdom contained within.  Neither boastful, nor arrogant, but simply proud of her knowledge and everything she represents, Sylvie’s calling is most definitely as an educator.

Her focus is on full-force education for the American aesthetician.  Her days are filled with training sessions, classes and seminars covering science and techniques of skin care.

Sylvie easily identifies with fellow aestheticians, their daily needs and their professional requirements, having herself worked as an aesthetician for long years.  Additionally, with her studies in educational psychology and dermatology, as well as aesthetics, she masters the art of teaching with sound techniques, applicable and immediately usable skills and, above all, intense knowledge.

What has truly been the success factor behind Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy’s introduction of the Matis line within the United Stats?  “The strength of Matis has been our ability to combine powerful marketing with intense education,,” answers Sylvie, after thinking the question through for a moment. 

Philippe and Sylvie have striven to ensure that their line is always competitive, always up-to-date, always introducing new ingredients and treatments with solid results and scientific research and formulation.

“Education has been the primary element in our success,” explains Philippe vibrantly, then adds, “Sylvie stresses that without proper know-how and skills, there are no incredible sales figures.”  So far, this has continued to prove it true at the Matis USA headquarters.  While Philippe attends to the marketing end of things, Sylvie puts all her energy toward providing the professional aesthetician with intense technical training, product knowledge, efficacy and solid answers to all of the aesthetic questions that have for so long gone unanswered. 

Marketing and education are found not only in Matis’ headquarters, but also in every distributor’s office throughout the American ground.  Every member of the family worked hard to place Matis among the leaders in professional skin care in less than five years.

Is all the hard work and effort just for the sake of incredible sales figures? “It is not a matter of selling products for the sake of selling, skin care is my passion, and serious skin is based on science.  It is a matter of providing the best of skin and body care to the well-trained, highly skilled aesthetician,” responds Sylvie.

The legendary individuals.. Two distinct specialties and skills within aesthetics...  One result... SUCCESS.


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