Favorite Licensed Aesthetician



 A seasoned professional that just won't quit, Tamara shares her love for treating her clients who have lost ll hope.




NUMBER ONE REQUESTED TREATMENT Level 3 Signature Enzyme Treatment, which works with the skin’s natural functions while rebuilding and strengthening the skin barrier and increasing cellular regeneration and stimulation of collagen production. Clients leave glowing with happy and healthy skin. 


ONE PIECE OF ADVICE FOR NEW PROFESSIONALS Understand that you are in business. Educate yourself in business skills, as well as skin care skills.


BEST SKIN CARE ADVICE Keep it clean, keep it hydrated, keep it protected. Repeat twice a day.


FAVORITE TYPE OF SKIN TO TREAT The person who has been everywhere and tried everything. They “know I cannot help them but just in case” – the challenge, the mystery, the possibility to help someone feel better about themselves – that is the best skin to come through my door. They will walk out of my door with hope and on their way to fresh, healthy, and vibrant skin.




BACKUP CAREER Fashion consultant, psychologist, facilitator, problem solver, chemist, student, drama queen – but wait! That’s what I do now.


TOP SKIN CARE MYTH If you get plastic surgery or fillers you don’t need skin care.


SKIN CARE STEP YOU WON’T SKIP Cleanse my face in the evening because who gets into bed dirty?



tamara’s must haves


Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum by DMK is the sophisticated answer to assist in preventing and reversing the signs of biological and environmental aging and is made with four different types of vitamin C.


DMK’s Foamy Lift enzyme mask is created to gently exfoliate the skin and is formulated with natural enzymes, proteins, and ribonucleic acid (RNA) active ingredients. Foamy Lift tightens and tones the skin alleviating dead skin cells and impurities by reverse osmosis.


Exoderma Peel by DMK is a natural exfoliating formula from the sea that helps remove dead, dry skin cells. Exoderma Peel provides a quick pick-up and skin tightening treatment suitable for mature, sensitive skins.

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