Shauna Blanch, COO, co-owner, and co-founder of Color Up Therapeutics

Inspired to live a compassionate, natural lifestyle, she set out to share the benefits of CBD with the world.


Shauna Blanch has dedicated her life to service, education, and being a positive impact on this planet. Growing up an ethical herbivore and conscious consumer, Shauna’s entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by her parents as they built their family business. Denver-based Shauna is the COO, co-owner, and co-founder of Color Up Therapeutics, a cruelty-free, all-natural CBD company. With seven years in the cannabis industry, Shauna is also a licensed massage therapist, certified reiki master, and yoga teacher.


Prior to co-creating Color Up, Shauna spent over a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, where she focused on dermatology and internal medicine. Eventually, the New Jersey native moved to the west coast and left the pharmaceutical industry on a mission to share a more natural, compassionate lifestyle.


Shauna settled in Colorado to become more intimately involved with hemp, herbalism, and plant spirit medicine. She consulted for several cannabis companies, grew her own medicine, and worked with local schools to bring knowledge to the students and their communities.


Shauna, along with Color Up co-founders Will Parker and Bryce Conley, had a mutual vision when creating the brand. That vision was to make clean, natural CBD infusions more accessible to everyone.


When it came to formulating products, Shauna and her co-founders knew they were going in the right direction when they were able to extend their dog’s life by using CBD. The team started making CBD products in their basement when their dog Kali was diagnosed with stage four cancer. The experience with extending Kali’s life, combined with success stories from those who were trying the products for animals, led the team to growing the brand into internal and body care products, followed by skin care.


In addition to Color Up’s Cannabis Master Program, Shauna’s commitment to education also extends to the Color Up team. She believes in arming them with all the tools necessary to be a force in the cannabis industry. Shauna follows a leadership mantra of, “Lift them up, support them, and build a team that wants to be there and wants to give their best to every one of your consumers.”



“Shauna Blanch is a visionary, healer, and change-maker. I chose to work with Shauna and Color Up because she’s extremely passionate about CBD and its ability to heal, balance, and beautify; because her heart guides her above all else; and because she is ethical and honest.” Hillary Olsen Hilliard, LMT, founder and president of Denver Integrative Massage School and The School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics

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