Monday, 20 March 2023 15:28

Rest Insured: A Guide to Insurance for Solopreneurs

Written by   Nichelle Mosley

The excitement of beginning and operating a business created simply from one’s love of aesthetics is the dream for many solopreneurs. Parts of this dream are exhilarating and fulfilling, like transforming a client’s skin and seeing them love the way their skin looks. Having satisfaction in one’s contribution to someone’s happiness is priceless. Other parts of solo business ownership may not be as much fun.  

An all-too-often-overlooked aspect of business ownership is insurance. There are simply too many solopreneurs risking everything because they do not know where to start in relation to insurance for their business. Each solopreneur should do the research they need, specific to their individual business. Consulting with an insurance agent is highly recommended. Business insurance policies can be much more complex than personal policies, and very few Americans actually understand their personal insurance. Prior to meeting with a professional to assess the business’s needs, the solopreneur should know some basic information about the types of insurance a business can have. There are many more insurance types than there is space for here, but this space will cover the most popular and pertinent to solopreneurs in the industry.  

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Nichelle Mosley’s passion for aesthetics was born out of a desire to help others, after failing to find help for her own acne as a young adult. Licensed in 2015, she has worked in clinics, plastic surgery practices, dermatologists’ offices, and with family practitioners. She then opened her own clinic in 2017, Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness. She focuses on integrative aesthetics and holistic solutions to clients’ skin concerns. As a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, Mosley seeks whole-person solutions while delivering results for clients. She is also the 2019 Skin Games Age Management Champion and 2018 Skin Games Acne Finalist. 

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