Friday, 27 January 2023 10:06

Down Under: Skin Health & the Bikini Area

Written by   Taylor Wilson

Skin health and waxing will always go hand in hand. The integrity of your client’s skin before their service will always dictate the quality of their waxing experience, as well as their waxing results. Educating clients on the importance of using proper homecare, as well as activities to avoid right after their service, is imperative here to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation.




The significant components of aftercare products include using the proper bodywash, exfoliator, moisturizer, and treatment product. A client’s bodywash shouldn’t strip their skin and throw off their skin’s pH level. Certain bar soaps and generic body washes will cause this, which leads to impaired barrier function, as well as increases the potential of your client getting ingrown hairs. Maintaining their skin’s acid mantle and the microbiome is key here. Professional-grade bodywashes that focus on preserving and aiding in skin health will drastically change your client’s wax results.

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Taylor Wilson is a licensed aesthetician hailing from the DMV. She's a graduate of Von Lee International School of Esthetics, founded by the legendary Carole Walderman. She was wax trainer at a European Wax center and eventually transitioned into her own studio, JB Skin Clinic full time where she provided waxing and skin revision treatments. Realizing she wanted to focus on education and helping other aestheticians reach their goals, she came on board to Starpil as their brand educator.



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