Monday, 29 August 2022 10:05

Serene Spaces: Spa Organization

Written by   Kristen N.M. Johnson

One of the best times to meditate on your business is on crisp, early autumn nights, watching the sunset with a glass of pinot noir or a warm mug of mountain berry tea. It is a picturesque scene to think about – the perfect view of the evening sky, sitting on a comfortable chair and wearing a big knit cardigan, glass twinkling in the soft light as you ponder the stars.  

As a business owner though, you are more likely to be found fretting over mounds of paperwork at your desk when not in the treatment room. Not to mention the continuous cleaning requirements of a spa and the ever-present pile of laundry that gets bigger, then smaller but never quite goes away completely. The daily, weekly, and monthly behind the scenes obligations often leave even the savviest entrepreneurs discouraged, constantly trying to conceal the chaos from clientele.  

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Kristen JohnsonKristen N.M. Johnson is an award-winning registered nurse, licensed aesthetician, and co-owner of The Eclipse Spa in Westminster, Maryland. With over 10 years of experience in the luxury spa industry, Johnson is passionate about creating an incredibly unique and indulgent experience for each client. She specializes in the development, education, and implementation of innovative treatment protocols. Johnson holds advanced training and certifications in holistic and integrative health, microneedling, clinical skin care and treatments, nutrition, facial cupping, gua sha, hot stone therapy, advanced chemical peels, cosmetic injectables, and facial reflexology. She is also an usui reiki master and teacher. 

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