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Keeping Tabs: Key Performance Indictors

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Business success is all about the numbers. If you do not have systems, processes, procedures in place, and a way to track your business analytics, you are setting yourself up for failure. Key performance indicators are specific things you will want to track. They are a roadmap to your medical spa or health care practice’s success. Identifying, tracking, and assessing your key performance indicators allows you to make better business decisions based on performance, not intuition. However, like any roadmap, if you do not follow it, it does not help you reach your destination. In other words, tracking the numbers is not enough. The information they provide must be acted on in order to be successful.

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Cheryl WhitmanInternationally recognized aesthetic business development expert Cheryl Whitman is the founder and CEO of Beautiful Forever Consulting. She is a sought-after speaker and industry marketing specialist. With her seasoned team of professionals at Beautiful Forever, Whitman assists physicians and medical spas in creating new profit centers, developing profitable private label product lines, ghost writing articles and eBooks, and identifying and executing new business strategies aimed at improving their bottom line. A celebrated author, Whitman’s “Aesthetic Medical Success System,” a turnkey educational system, has assisted clients in opening or jumpstarting their current businesses. Her second book, “Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable,” provides solid, practical information on how to create, launch, and grow successful aesthetic medical practices and related businesses.


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