Hair Removal

Hair Removal

The key to a lucrative career in aesthetics is developing excellent waxing skills and that requires educating yourself on how to properly wax skin of color. Each ethnicity has specific considerations when applying wax and removing hair. ASIAN SKIN Asian skin tends to be sensitive. An Asian client needs to abstain from any harsh skin care products to the area being waxed in order to…

Patented Wax Heater by Caronlab

Skin Blends LLC

Agape Bliss: Ultimate Strip Wax

Agape Bliss combines the ease-of-application of a cream strip wax with the efficiency of a gel strip wax and is gentle to even the most sensitive skin.


LYCON LYCODream Hybrid Wax

Formulated with titanium dioxide and micro mica for superior skin protection with the addition of argan oil, arnica, and aloe vera leaves the skin feeling soft, nurtured, and comfortable. Perfect for Brazilian waxing and is practically painless.

Relax & Wax

Relax & Wax Pre-Post Waxing Oil 

Containing only two natural ingredients it is a blend of refined vegetable and tea tree oil make this a prefect pre-post waxing oil.

Women’s Signature Liquid Roll-On by Industry Cosmetics (My Skin & Co.)

Equibal Inc.

Nufree Nudesse

Nufree non-wax is the safer choice for professional hair removal. It does not stick to skin, completely antibacterial, and gentle enough for the entire body.

Cirépil by Perron Rigot Paris

Blue Wax Beads

Voted number one for its exceptional patented polymer and superior versatility. All-purpose wax, easy to use gel texture, great on all areas of the body, and perfect for all skin and hair types.

Alexandria Professional

Alexandria Professional Sugar Paste

Alexandria Professional sugar paste is a professional hair removal product made of simple natural ingredients and is proven effective on all skin and hair types.