Since its inception in United States during the late 1970s (since 1964 in Europe), RAYA Laboratories, Inc. - California Corporation - the cosmetic research, development, and manufacturing company (uses for its products the US Patent Office Registered trade names RAYA ®, Spa International ®, Euroline ®) has evolved dramatically and has become an innovator and proven leader in European quality personal care product development and manufacturing.

Located in North Hollywood, near Universal Studios in Los Angeles, RAYA's 100,000 ft sq. uniquely self-contained state of the art cosmetic production facilities create and manufacture some of the finest and most effective skin care products available today, at the world most competitive prices. The steady and phenomenal success of RAYA® has grown out of devotion and a commitment to quality, employee's loyalty, and hard work. This philosophy has garnered attention and accolades from loyal customers and professionals alike, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times which highlighted RAYA's story.

RAYA'S fine product line for face, body and hair is the result of more than 40 years of continuing extensive research, development, time-proven use, and product manufacturing. An unwavering dedication to superior esthetic as well as profitable results for its private label customers has fostered RAYA's remarkable growth and success over the last two decades.

Raya Cosmetics / Rosa West Lab

12550 Saticoy St. South North Hollywood, CA 91605

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