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Hi Amanda, I hope all is well! Despite making it look effortless, it seems the great and gorgeous of Hollywood put in some serious effort into their skincare routines on a weekly basis, especially ahead of a major event like Oscars, premiers, and other prestigious red-carpet events. More than ever, Hollywood’s elite are relying on high-tech gadgets to create the glow they usually get from…


LightStim LED Bed

This soothing, natural full-body treatment helps promote overall wellness and peak physiological function. LightStim LED Bed relieves pain, relaxes sore muscles, and increases blood circulation to oxygenate tissues and support restorative processes. 9495024088 LightStim


LightStim Retail Hand-Held Lights

Grow your retail business while helping clients maintain balanced, healthy and glowing skin at home in between professional visits. LightStim for Wrinkles, LightStim for Acne, and LightStim for Pain models available for drop shipping directly to your client.9495024088 LightStim


LightStim Professional Hand-Held Lights

These convenient hand-held devices utilize the same technology and strength as LightStim ProPanels and are perfect for introducing light therapy in your treatment room at an ultra-accessible price point. Available in Anti-Aging, Acne, and Pain models.9495024088 LightStim


LightStim ProPanels

The versatile free standing ProPanel promotes higher skin function for a smooth and radiant appearance. Use as an add-on or to elevate the results of other services. This soothing treatment keeps clients coming back to restore both their inner and outer glow. Available in Anti-Aging, Acne, and Pain models. 9495024088 LightStim


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