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Play Minecraft Story Mode Ep. 1 completely free on all...

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hipohaha Discussion started by hipohaha 9 months ago
The first part of Minecraft: Story Mode is officially available for free on game consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and above) and Windows 10, iOS, and Android platforms. For PlayStation players, Episode 1: The Order of the Stone of Minecraft: Story Mode is only free in North America, but for Europe, the publisher promises to arrive "soon". Minecraft: Story Mode was previously priced at 4.99 USD on the CH Play Store and was always in the Top Chart. Now with the opening of free downloads, the game will certainly "escalate" to the top even more.

Minecraft Story Mode has a customizable story with outcomes determined by the player's choice of branches. The main story still revolves around Jesse Pinkman, a hero with a sword and a mission to search and explore the world of paper minecraft. This character's outfit or characteristic personality is also optional, depending on the gamer's choice. Besides Jesse, there is also a companion pig, Reuben, who has a lovely appearance and is a trustworthy friend.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 will remind gamers of Telltale's The Walking Dead because of the similarities between the two games. However, the adventure that gamers experience in the world of Minecraft: Story Mode will bring a sense of joy and humor combined with humanistic elements of friendship. Gamers will have to make difficult decisions when choosing whether to keep group members or face the dangers of dealing with zombies, etc.

Besides, the developer also revealed that the game will not lack elements of adventure, mystery, and excitement for players. Although it only 'freely teases' the first part of Minecraft: Story Mode, we hope that it is attractive enough and makes gamers curious to experience and adventure more.