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3 Day Intense Skin Therapy Workship
Jun 06

3 Day Intense Skin Therapy Workship

3 Day Class Learning All Aspects of the Skin


3 Day Class Learning All Aspects of the Skin

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9850 W 190th St B1, Mokena, IL 60448, USA
  • Day 1:

    Putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Taking a holistic approach to understanding, improving, and healing skin.

    Consultation Form – The first step in making an informed decision for your client.

    Students will take an In-depth look at product ingredients, pH, and how they affect skin

    Product Testing- Each student will learn to test their personal skin care products and cosmetics for effectiveness.

    Skin & Sun Damage – 80% of sun damage occurs before the age of 18 and 90% of skin problems are due to that overexposure – A thorough understanding of sun and the damage it can cause is a key factor in putting the pieces together.

    Day 2:

    The pieces that make a “true expert” in the skincare industry.

    UV Detect Camera – Each student will have their picture taken with a UV Detect Camera and will learn to identify sun damage which will give them the road map in treating and correcting sun damaged skin.

    Analyzing Skin – Identifying skin problems and learning to read skin quickly and effectively.

    Testing of Skin – Each student will learn to test their own skin, identify changes in the skin and holistic options for improving skin.

    Holistic Facial Treatments – Students will experience first-hand what holistic facials are and how they can improve the skin without causing harm, while still delivering immediate results.

    LED Light Therapy / High Frequency- Students will learn how treating skin holistically with the addition of Light Therapy and High Frequency can drastically improve the health of skin.

    Day 3:

    The final pieces to a successful career in skin.

    Treatment and Home Care Prescribing – This is one of the “missing links” in the skincare business that needs to be strengthened and utilized to ensure that the skincare industry expands and prospers. Rule number one: A client should never have to go elsewhere to care for the needs of their skin.

    Clean Cosmetics – Students will learn to work with and apply clean cosmetics using water and will experience first-hand the versatility clean cosmetics offer.

    * Students will receive a certificate of completion in Advanced Skin Therapy Training

    * All workshop material included plus personal mini skincare kit. 


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  • Date & Time
    Jun 06 2020 at 09:00 AM - Jun 08 2020 at 09:00 PM America/Chicago
  • Location & full address
    GINAMARIE, 9850 West 190th Street, Unit B1, Mokena, IL 60448
  • Event Admins
    Gina McGuire