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Ben Johnson

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Ben Johnson, M.D. is the current founder and formulator of Osmosis Skincare. Dr. Johnson began his career starting one of the first medical spa chains in the country, along with founding/formulating Cosmedix. He is an established speaker, educator, and formulator who is well known for his unique approach to skin conditions by thinking outside of the box. Dr. Johnson's passion is creating tremendous change in the skin without constantly exfoliating away the protective benefits of the epidermis.


  1. In one word, describe yourself!


  2. Who is your role model and why?

    My father because he was a remarkable empathic and caring physician that touched many lives.

  3. What’s your personal mantra?

    Maximize the joy you get out of every moment in life!

  4. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

    Sweets of any kind.

  5. How do you spend most of your time?

    Helping improve the lives of others.

  6. Favorite type of skin care product? Why?

    Potent serums because I want nothing less than permanent improvements in the skin.

  7. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

    I like country music.

  8. How would you describe your leadership style and how has it benefited you throughout your career?

    I am easygoing most of the time which allows my managers to rise up and be their best

  9. What’s most important to your business: mission, core values, or vision? Why?

    I want to change some of the fundamental approaches utilized in the skincare industry because I believe that the truth about the internal causes and true sources of skin conditions is yet to be thoroughly examined. This is my mission because it will dramatically improve the lives of those suffering.

  10. What’s one characteristic you believe every leader should possess? Why?

    Trust. Every leader should trust their team enough to let them do their jobs knowing that moments of failure are opportunities to teach and inspire.

  11. What are the biggest trends in the spa industry?

    Wellness is the biggest trend at the moment.

  12. What is the biggest challenge facing the industry today?

    The reliance on traumatic procedures in order to satisfy their clients desire for instant results. Trauma, like peels and lasers, creates temporary tightening and lightening but ultimately only serves to further damage to the skin.


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