The Wonderful World of Body Painting

Written by Amanda Azar, founder and executive artist for Azar Beauty

Skin is the new canvas for both skin care professionals and makeup artists. Pushing the boundaries beyond the face, makeup artists create illusions, characters, and works of art on the entire body. Body painting has become increasingly popular in the last few years due to media exposure and markets a different kind of customer. Like any other craft, body painting requires specific supplies and equipment and is a skill that must be refined.

Body Painting Products
Unlike beauty makeup, which is typically water or silicon-based, most readily available body paints are either water- or alcohol-based in a pressed cake or liquid form. Water-based body paints may be applied with synthetic or natural fiber brushes, sponges, or an airbrush machine. Alcohol-based products must be activated with 99 percent alcohol, but provide longer wear and are usually applied using synthetic fiber brushes or sponges.Body paint

Not all products are created equal. Quality products resist smearing, flaking, cracking, and irritation throughout their wear. With properly prepped skin, which should be dry with no oil or lotion, a body paint application should last all day and night – taking into account the client's skin type, the weather, and other conditional factors. Most clients can remove the design with baby oil, alcohol, and light exfoliation.

Pricing Options
Much like hiring a tattoo or makeup artist, the pricing for body painting is dependent on several variables, including the area to be covered, detail of the design, talent and experience of the artist, time allowed versus time necessary to finish the job, location, and any additional materials needed to complete the finished look. Typically, a client would contact the artist and ask for a quote, explaining their design concept in as much detail as possible. The price range for a full body paint can range anywhere from $100 to $1,500, although some artists prefer to charge an hourly rate.

HalloweenThe Month of Halloween
Halloween is no longer strictly celebrated on October 31st; it has become a month-long holiday that generates an abundance of work for makeup artists. From local communities to tourist-filled theme parks across the nation, haunted houses and carnivals are filled with body-painted characters. These looks do not always require prosthetics and special effects training since an artistic body painter can produce a convincing character using minimal products. Other festivals are known to fill the streets with thousands of body-painted characters who are often nude, in lieu of clothing-rich costumes.

Body-painted models have graced the cover of magazines, been used as promotional tools for various brands, and have been the basis of hit television shows. With its growing level of consumer interest, body painting has become a demanding and sought-after talent. Networking and exposure can be gained through international conventions, tradeshows, and competitions dedicated to this form of artistry. Face painting is a great introduction into the realm of body painting, allowing the artist time to perfect brush strokes and line work. Sharing images of previous work through social media platforms allows current and future clients to experience the art. Fresh images and ideas always attract attention and will open opportunistic doors as the service menu is expanded. Get inspired, be creative, and explore the art of body painting!

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