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Delivery of Skin Nutrition: Topical and Internal

Written by Dana Laurie, formulation developer for Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care
Delivery of Skin Nutrition:  Topical and Internal

Several skin issues surface because of various factors that include the environment, genetics, and nutritional contributors. Arguably, nutrition plays the largest role in skin health because it is the one factor that individuals have the most control over. Nutrients in the skin come from consuming certain foods and vitamins, as well as the topical application of products. The nutrients people feed their skin are extremely important in maintaining skin integrity over time; without the proper nutrient level, many problems can arise.

Eating Your Way to Terrific Skin

Written by Annette M. Tobia, Ph.D. and Alice Marcy, Ph.D.
Eating Your Way to Terrific Skin

Eat wisely to look good - it is a mantra worth remembering. Diet nourishes the skin from within and some skin conditions, such as acne and rosacea, requires people to pay even more attention to what is on their plate. Clients might not realize that certain foods and supplements actually enhance skin properties normally achieved with topical skin treatments.

10 Things About...Nutritional Supplements

The body is an amazing machine, but it requires the proper fuel to function at optimal levels. Food provides fuel for the body and the type of fuel a person gives their body can mean the difference between enjoying a healthy, vital life or struggling with exhaustion and illness.

Internal Cleansing

Internal detoxification or cleansing has become a popular health concern for clients.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes Known to Improve Skin

Written by Rachael Pontillo, L.E., B. Msc., A.A.D.P., C.H.C.
Diet and Lifestyle Changes Known to Improve Skin

Wellness is a growing trend in the spa industry. While it began with holistic therapies such as body wraps and hydrotherapy, it has now expanded beyond facial and body treatments and into a full health and lifestyle regimen that incorporates nutrition, fitness, meditation, environmental changes, stress management techniques, and more. Most of these methods can benefit anyone, but there are some that are particularly beneficial for people with inflammatory and other specific skin conditions, as well as to help slow down the skin’s aging process and revitalize the appearance of mature skin. Let us delve into these different diet and lifestyle changes and explore how they can best integrate into an aesthetics practice or spa.

The Science of Skin: Skin Care from the Inside Out

Written by Tasha Manigo-Bizzell, L.E.
The Science of Skin: Skin Care from the Inside Out

Skin care companies constantly tout various nutrients as the next great thing for skin. But how do these ingredients really benefit the skin both topically and internally? This article focuses on the micronutrients that directly impact its function. The skin’s role is complex, but in order to fully understand how each micronutrient affects the skin, it is necessary to know the skin’s various functions.

Enhance the Skin’s Natural Sun Protection

Written by Erin Ferrill, L.E.
Enhance the Skin’s Natural Sun Protection

As skin care professionals, we are absolutely committed to caring for our clients’ skin in every way possible. This commonly includes recommending that they incorporate sunscreen into their beauty routine every day to avoid damage caused by rays of the sun. While we can agree on the importance of including sunscreen in an at-home regimen, research shows there may be other ways to enhance the skin’s ability to protect itself from sun damage, even sunburn. Clients should still be instructed to wear an effective sunscreen (even on cloudy days), but by recommending that clients incorporate certain foods into their diet, they can get a powerful boost in their skin’s natural sun protection factor for even more age-defying results. While many of the findings referenced are preliminary, they show the great promise that lies in using natural methods to enhance the protection provided by sunscreen.

10 Things About...Superfoods

Written by Julie Bach, L.E.
10 Things About...Superfoods

Superfoods are the richest and most potent foods containing life-giving and life-supporting nutrients including antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, fiber, phytonutrients and enzymes. Superfoods not only increase the vitality and energy in your body, they also deeply nourish and heal the body at the cellular level. With so much of skin health based on your gut health, it is no secret that superfoods help you glow from inside-out.
The Standard American Diet (SAD) promotes inflammation which may lead to disease – and inflammation is not always visible or felt. It is no longer good enough to avoid the damaging food influences; you must repair the damage that has already occurred. Here are a few of the everyday foods that your client may be unaware are superfoods and can easily be added to their daily routine.

Most of us educate about the products and treatments used in client care, but when our clients walk away from us, what understanding do they have of the nutrition needed for great skin? It is not yesteryear when skin care consisted of cleansers, toners and moisturizers. It is much different today and turning away from what is ultimately going to have a large impact in this industry is not good business. Putting it on the back burner until another time may leave you wishing you had begun long ago to understand the importance of nutrition in skin care.

Skin Treatments Inside and Out

For years, skin care practitioners have known that regular use of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and other topicals offer effective acne treatments. We have also known that certain peptides, some botanicals and vitamin C can help brighten the skin, even tone and ease pigmentation problems. But combining these and other topicals with specific nutrients – or, in some cases, avoiding certain foods and supplements – can result in even more dramatic effects.
Here is a look at today's most effective treatments for fighting acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation, using both an internal and external approach.

Practice what you Preach!

The inner-outer body connection is well documented and has been for years. The physical, emotional and psychological condition of the human body has the ability to influence not only the inner functioning of the body, but its outer appearance as well. Nutrients, eating habits and food categories all have an influence on the condition of the skin; and as an aesthetician it is critical that you look and feel your best. You are your best advertising!
All the expensive skin care products in the world will not help without a well-balanced, healthy nutritional diet.

Nutrients and the Skin

Written by Dr. Howard Murad, M.D.
Nutrients and the Skin

Scientists and researchers have come a long way in their efforts to understand the properties and benefits of supplements in skin care. The use of vitamins and other nutrients to hydrate, normalize, protect, heal, condition and beautify the skin appears to be the wave of both the present and the future. Clearly, the internal use of vitamins is one of the most powerful weapons in the ongoing quest for younger, healthier, more attractive-looking skin.

The Digestive System: Mental and Physical Processing

Once upon a time in a far away universe there was a popular principle called "body wisdom – intuition", which meant that our bodies would tell us which foods we needed- as long as we learn to listen. When we were truly present with our intuition and wisdom principle, when our bodies are deficient in a particular nutrient, our desire to eat foods containing that nutrient increases. Paying consideration to your "gut feeling". It is your body's wisdom requesting that you pay attention to whether something is healthy or toxic.

Remove, Repair, and Rebuild

For many people in the U.S., nutritional supplements are simply a natural alternative to synthetic drugs, used in similar ways for similar conditions. But, for those who have used nutritional supplements for years and are familiar with the research on supplements and their use worldwide, nutritional supplements are an integral part of not just addressing health problems, but of creating optimal health and well-being, even in people who aren't sick.
This is not to say that supplements aren't useful for correcting specific health problems, but they do so in a manner fundamentally different from that of drugs.

Can Common Pain Relievers Do More Harm Than Good?

New Study Reveals Dangers of NSAIDS: When it comes to relieving the common headache or body aches, it seems as if the cure may be worse for you than the pain it’s supposed to relieve.
Consumption of NSAIDs – common pain relievers like ibuprophen (Advil, Motrin) and acetaminophen (Excedrin) – has grown to 70 million prescriptions and 30 billion over-the-counter sales annually. That statistic is disturbing to Michael Sheehan – founder of natural medications company BioResource Inc. ( – because of a new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine (AIM) that reveals NSAIDS may play a part in the development of heart disease.

Help Me, Help You

Our bodies are incredibly complex, with each system intricately woven together in a brilliant web that keeps us functioning. It is often so easy to forget how interconnected the elements of our bodies really are. Even though the skin is the largest organ of the body and provides the first two lines of defense as the skin barrier and our immune system, it also can provide the first external sign that there may be something wrong internally. Over 80 percent of the 800+ skin diseases are a manifestation of an internal malfunction.

Life and Death, My Choice?

There is an ancient Biblical passage that states life and death are set before us, but we must choose what we want. The ancient writer recommends we should choose life. In the 21st century, we are again told we must choose life, but in a very different way. More and more people are now learning that to choose life, is to choose to detoxify. When you discuss detoxification, most people think you are talking about someone else’s problem, not their own. They think you are talking about drug users or the alcoholics needing to detox.

What Are the Top Five Fruits

We really should be smart about the fruits we consume. After all, remember that fruits are very similar to breads, pastas, rice, and other high carbohydrate-rich foods in that fruits are high in carbohydrates. That is one reason why we should only consume a certain amount, and choose the fruits that are lower in sugar. If you pick the right fruits and eat the proper portions, then you will give your body what it needs and it will benefit greatly from your efforts.
With today’s epidemic of diseases at an all time high people are starting to question which fruits are going to give them the biggest bang for their calorie buck.

Beauty is NOT Skin Deep

Take a moment and think of someone you know who has a vibrant glow in their countenance and a life-giving gleam in their eye. Perhaps they’re not the fittest or even the hottest person you’ve ever met, but something about them sparkles with life. What sets them apart?
Many people have a healthy glow at 30, but how do you stay shining at 50? You can pay big bucks for liposuction, butt lifts, face lifts, and any other lift that promises to defy gravity, but after a few years, your bank account will be sagging.