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We recently asked skin care professionals on how much they spent on technology and electronics in 2016. Here are the results according to the respondents:

Dos and Don'ts: Posture

Do: Sit in a neutral position of the spine with the shoulders over the hips, feet flat on the floor, and chin aligned over the chest. Support the curve of the lower back (the lumbar curve) with a towel or a rolled cushion. When sitting for a long time, take breaks to stand or walk around.

Jojoba Oil: The New Coconut Oil

Jojoba oil, which is made from seeds of the jojoba shrub, is an ingredient that has been oft-ignored in favor of coconut oil. Jojoba oil is equally as – if not more – versatile than its tropical counterpart.

Carbonated Bubble Masks

The latest trend in aesthetics has more in common with sparkling water than traditional skin care products! Carbonated bubble masks, which found initial popularity in Korea, create hundreds (even thousands!) of carbonated bubbles that foam on the face after application. However, is this trend that is taking Instagram by storm creating more than just fun photographs? Should skin care professionals invest in the fun product or is it just a gimmick?

Treating Oncology Clients

Written by Becky Kuehn, L.E., founder of Oncology Spa Solutions®
Treating  Oncology Clients

Working with oncology clients is not an uncommon scenario. With many cancer patients, the skin changes from its normal skin type and can feel uncontrollable at times. When a cancer patient visits the spa for help, they are also often seeking support. Here are some of the most common questions a professional might have when working with an oncology client and treating their skin.

Top 6 Oils to Use in Skin Care: Part 1

Written by Peter Friis, CEO of ESSIO Shower
Top 6 Oils  to Use in Skin Care: Part 1

It seems like everyone is currently obsessing over essential oils and aromatherapy. With their proven skin care benefits, incorporating them into clients' beauty regimen seems like a no-brainer! Mother nature is the best resource for effective solutions to skin care needs.

• 80 percent of teenage boys and girls will develop acne.
Acne is not a disease; it is a skin condition that needs to be managed correctly during its interval.
Hormones are a significant contributing factor to acne, with hyperkeratinization, bacterial overgrowth, poor diet, and poor skin hygiene as contributing factors.

Paraffin Baths

Written by Kristine Sartore, vice president of sales, marketing, and business development at Spa Revolutions
Paraffin Baths

Skin is a fascinatingly complicated system and is definitely worthy of some tender loving care! A visit to the spa is a welcome opportunity for clients to treat their skin and address any skin care concerns. While a facial may be their first thought when visiting a spa, they should not neglect their hands and feet!

What is Your Daily Skin Care Ritual? Christine Heathman

My daily ritual can change as the environment and lifestyle does; however, I am committed to a baseline protocol and incorporate other products as needed.

Infrared Heat:  The Sweat Detox

The newest form of detoxification in the spa industry are infrared saunas. Infrared heat raises core temperatures from inside the body, which rids toxins through the pores by way of an intense sweat.

May is National Strawberry Month

Strawberries are superfruits that offer a number of health benefits from fighting cancer to promoting ocular health. This fruit contains a high amount of vitamin C, which skin care professionals know is important for boosting collagen production, reducing skin inflammation, and increasing the skin's defense against ultraviolet radiation.

Stem Cell Skin Care – Quantum Leap Forward in 4th Generation

Written by Cheryl Whitman, founder and CEO of Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Business Consulting
Stem Cell Skin Care – Quantum  Leap Forward in 4th Generation

In the early 1960s, Dr. Ernest McCulloch and Dr. J. E. Till were researching normal blood cell formation and leukemia at the Ontario Cancer Institute. Their research resulted in the identification of stem cells, which are undifferentiated biological cells that have the ability to transform themselves into many different specialized cell types in the body.

Dos and Don'ts: Dry Hands

Do: Moisturize multiple times throughout the day. When clients are dealing with dry skin, it is important for them to moisturize their hands at least three to four times a day. Multiple applications will ensure that they are consistently replenishing moisture and not allowing the skin to crack.

Does Dairy Wreak Havoc on the Skin?

Written by Jaclyn Strausser, L.M.E., senior account executive at SkinCeuticals
Does Dairy Wreak  Havoc on the Skin?

The old adage "You are what you eat," has been reiterated throughout most people's lifetimes. While most understand the idea that eating organic and healthy foods correlate to optimal health and weight, many people are still uncertain if diet is in fact correlated with clear and healthy skin. Many dermatologists believe that the food people consume on a daily basis has no effect on their skin because they feel that there is a lack of scientific evidence stating otherwise. However, it is important to note two points before moving forward.

Bringers of the Heart: Planting Seeds for a New Way of Being

Written by Linda Bertaut, founder of Chakralicious
Bringers of  the Heart: Planting Seeds for a New Way of Being

A movement is happening. It is stirring from within the heart and calling people forth on a new path. Because this shift is subtle, many do not quite know what is happening; they just know that it is happening. It is no longer satisfying to go through the motions as though everything is okay or to do work where the main or only goal is to make money. As people go through their day doing all the right things, they might notice that something is missing.

Skin Dryness or Perceived Dryness?

Written by Robert Manzo, founder and president of Skinprint
Skin Dryness or Perceived Dryness?

There are many apparent causes of skin dryness, but only a few root causes. Some of the apparent causes include environmental issues, such as wind, cold, sun exposure, topical application of certain ingredients, and age-related dryness. One of the root causes includes primarily impaired barrier function of the skin. In general, the apparent causes are a result of impaired barrier function. Another root cause of skin dryness is a lack of sebum on the skin, which changes its mechanical properties. This change causes the client to perceive that their skin is dry when it technically may not be.

We recently asked skin care professionals on to identify which products retail the best at their spa. Here are the results according to the respondents:

• Generously apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply every hour if skin gets wet and every two hours if dry.

• Seek shade as much as possible and wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

• Wear protective clothing, coverups, and SPF fabric. Rash guards with SPF 50 are better than sunscreen for swimming and are great to pull on over a swimsuit.

Salicylic Acid in Skin Care

Written by Shannon Conley, founder and CEO of Urban Waxx
Salicylic Acid  in Skin Care

Skin care professionals hear a constant stream of buzz words and trending ingredients in the aesthetics industry and salicylic acid currently seems to be everywhere. Before purchasing a cream or serum that contains the ingredient, it is important to know exactly what it is and why it might be beneficial for the skin.

Water Therapy

Written by Victoria Tabak, L.E., president of Nature Pure Labs
Water Therapy

Throughout history and across the world, water has been a valuable source of healing and regeneration. Water is the foundation of all life on Earth; it plays a critical role in atmospheric processes and climate. The human body is made up of no less than 75 percent water and some tissues consist of up to 95 percent water. It is essential to existence.

Sensitive Skin: See and Solve

Written by Dieter Kuster, Ph.D., founder of CA BOTANA International
Sensitive Skin:  See and Solve

Your birthday suit is the one outfit you will wear your entire life. At two square yards and six pounds, the skin is the body's largest organ. Every square inch tingles with over one thousand nerve endings, which can probe the surrounding world.

Hippo Sweat in Skin Care

Written by Beth Kenerson, Esthetician Success Lab Managing Director
Hippo Sweat in Skin Care

SPF by any other name might be hippopotamus sweat – specifically, a blended pigment of red hipposudoric and orange norhipposudoric acids. Casually labeled 'blood sweat,' the pinkish-red secretion on the backs and snouts of soaking hippopotami bloats is neither blood or sweat, but an ultraviolet protective lipid secreted from glands to protect the animal's hide from blazing sun rays.

What is your daily skin care Ritual? Rhonda Allison

Written by Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals
What is your daily skin care Ritual? Rhonda Allison

I have a fairly simple ritual. Since I have been getting at least one peel each year for more than 30 years, my skin has maintained its freshness. I am challenged with aging and inflammation, so I use a cleanser that lifts from the surface, but does not over-stimulate; it also maintains skin hydration. Following my evening cleanse, I either apply a retinaldehyde/peptide serum and eye occlusive or I alternate with a peptide serum with growth factor. During the day, I wear an omega/avocado oil serum (Rhonda Allison Infuse 7) and antioxidant serum (Rhonda Allison AGEless) followed by an anti-inflammatory cream and tinted SPF (Rhonda Allison Sheer Tint Finisher). My finish is a touch of natural, healthy color. That's it!

Makeup Wipes:  More Harm Than Good?

While consumers commonly use makeup wipes in lieu of a cleanser on busy days and late nights, they are not an acceptable substitute for properly cleansing the face. If the skin is not rinsed after the use of makeup wipes, it is the equivalent of rubbing bacteria and irritants around the face, leaving a chemical residue on the skin afterwards. Makeup wipes contain high concentrations of solublizers, surfactants, and emulsifiers, and many contain alcohol to thoroughly cut through thick foundations, which also removes the skin's natural oils and dries out the surface.

Like most nuts, pecans are rich in zinc, vitamins, and phosphorus, nutrients that are vital to maintaining healthy skin. Pecans are also known for their cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits. Skin care professionals can offer clients a bowl of mixed nuts while they wait for their treatment, informing them of the benefits of antioxidant-rich nuts.

Victoria Tabak says, "Nuts are abundant with vitamin E. As a skin care ingredient, the flesh of the nut can be incorporated into exfoliation products. Vitamin E action in nuts is optimized because of the balanced, additional value of vitamins A, B, and C; copper; and zinc. It allows the body to combat skin-damaging free radicals, working to decrease cell vulnerability."

Hudson Pecan. (n.d.). 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Pecans for Skin, Hair and Health.

10 Things About...Body Acne

Written by Kat Khadija Leverette, L.E.
10 Things About...Body Acne

Acne is easily handled by the savvy skin care professional. These days, the professional acne products available to aestheticians are safer and more effective than prescription medications and come with fewer side effects. Knowledge, communication, and consistency are crucial to controlling acne because it is very treatable, but not curable.

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Written by Cole Patterson, L.E., founder of Cole Skincare for Men
The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

When most people think of charcoal, they typically think of cooking or grilling, but, historically charcoal has fulfilled a purposeful journey because of its many uses.

Charcoal has sustained its significance throughout time because of its long list of benefits and functions. It has been used for homeopathic therapy, as well as environmental purposes that advanced civilization. Because of its ability to maintain high temperatures, charcoal was once used to smelt ores. Archeologists believe early humans used charcoal as a key component for cave drawings and by 1,500 B.C.E. the Egyptians used charcoal to write on papyrus.

Dos and Don'ts: DIY Skin Care

Do: Use honey. Manuka honey is extremely antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it a great options for DIY skin care. It also has soothing properties that make it a safe choice for clients with acne and other conditions that irritate the skin. It creates a barrier on wounds that is breathable and very similar to skin.

Infographic: Stretch Marks

Written by Catherine Atzen, MBA, founder of ATZEN Superior to Organic™ Skin Care

• A stretch mark is a scar that originates deep in the dermis; it is an injury to the skin.
Stretch marks are caused by the stretching of the skin and inflammation of the cells.
• Both men and women get stretch marks, but it is most common in women, especially during puberty and pregnancy. They often appear during these times due to hormonal changes.

Natural Skin Lighteners

Written by Hal Simeroth, Ph.D., co-founder and CTO of DermaTech Research LLC
Natural Skin  Lighteners

Consumers seek skin lightening products for two primary reasons: the overall lightening of facial skin coloration or the reduction of dark spots and evening of skin tone. Some clients may desire both overall lightening and dark spot reduction. There are a number of effective natural lightening ingredients available for skin lightening products. Some of these ingredients contribute more to overall lightening, while others are more effective in selectively reducing hyperpigmentation (dark spots/areas arising from various causes). Skin lightening products need to be selected by the end user based upon the desired impact in appearance.

Ingredient Hysteria

Written by Danne Montague-King, L.E., founder of Danne Montague-King® Skin Care
Ingredient Hysteria

Before ingredients are even considered, professionals should evaluate the concept of the range of products they may be offering. The concept, in this case, means philosophy of science; the products are merely tools with which to initiate that concept.

The Connection Between Exercise and Skin Health

Written by Erin Lucie, D.N.P., clinical director with CryoMed Clinic
The Connection Between Exercise and Skin Health

It is widely recognized that the skin is like a window into a person's physical health. Someone with glowing, radiant skin creates the impression that they have a healthy body, their hormones are in balance, and they are receiving the optimal amount of key nutrients and vitamins. The healthy glow of radiant skin is what the mind's eye instinctively finds attractive. While proper nutrition plays a significant role in healthy skin, another crucial factor is exercise.

Should You Hire a PR Firm?

Written by Beth Cochran, co-founder and CEO of Wired PR
Should You Hire  a PR Firm?

The right public relations strategy can help spas gain visibility and credibility, attract more clients, and build deeper relationships with those clients, as well as the media, influencers, and community. However, is the spa ready for public relations?

Bee Venom

Written by Mia Hartmann, R&D Chemist at ACT Labs
Bee Venom

Bee venom is a powerful skin care active that promises results similar to Botox, but without any side effects or paralyzation of the facial muscles. This non-invasive alternative to the powerful injectable is powered by 18 active substances, including the peptides, melittin and apamin, which are mainly responsible for giving this ingredient its Botox-like effect.1 The idea of bee venom in skin care products is sure to shock clients, but with results like these, clients just cannot resist its appeal.

What is your daily skin care Ritual? Victoria Tabak

I am the type of person who you would categorize as high maintenance. I have a set of products I use for the morning and a different set for the evening to give my skin the widest variety of anti-aging and nourishing botanicals. It includes a daily double cleansing, toning, eye treatment, serum therapy, anti-aging cream, and, of course, sun protection regardless of whether it is sunny outside. I also exfoliate and use a mask at least once a week.

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty, which got its start and name from the clean eating trend, strives to encourage people to use products that are free from toxins, such as carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Because the skin care industry is largely unregulated, companies can use certain ingredients in their products and still market those products as 'green' or 'natural.' Clean beauty is, at its core, concerned with transparency, health, safety, and wellness in skin care.

March is National Celery Month!

Celery is often considered one of the healthiest foods because it reduces inflammation and LDL cholesterol, aids digestion, and lowers blood pressure. Its potent antioxidants and nutrients give this vegetable numerous skin benefits, including hydration and protection against free radicals. Skin care professionals can offer clients celery-infused water or freshly cut celery stalks during a spa event.

Dos and Don'ts: Shaving

Do: Change razors on a regular basis. The closest shaves are a result of sharp blades. Clients should be changing their razors at the first sign of dullness in order to avoid unnecessary pulling, nicks, and irritation.

Body Sugaring

Written by Lina Kennedy, president of Alexandria Professional
Body Sugaring

Consumers have a tendency to spend a noted amount of money to rejuvenate their faces but what happens to the rest of the largest organ of the body? From cellulite treatments to hair removal, consumers have not neglected their body! In fact, hair removal has become one of the fastest-growing sections of the beauty industry. One hair removal method, sugaring, is gaining popularity for its organic nature and effective results.

Using Conversational Marketing to Build and Maintain Client Relationships

Written by Bob Fabbio, CEO and co-founder of eRelevance Corp.
Using Conversational  Marketing to Build and Maintain  Client Relationships

Successful skin care professionals have begun to leverage automated conversations into their marketing to more deeply engage clients, improve loyalty and increase revenue. If a professional's marketing is one-way, they are missing an important opportunity to be a better provider and grow
their business.

The Business of Waxing

Written by Annette Hanson, founder and president of Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics
The Business  of Waxing

Waxing is one of the most sought-after services in the beauty industry. There are specialized waxing facilities across the country to meet the growing demands.

Teenage Makeup Application

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E., professional makeup artist and co-owner of California Makeup Academy-Training Center
Teenage Makeup Application

Adolescence is the perfect time to adopt a good skin care regimen as this is the time that breakouts are most likely to occur. Teenagers need to know the proper steps and products to care for their skin. The most important part of a beautiful makeup application is a clear, smooth complexion. Be sure to keep the skin care steps simple: a gentle cleanser; a light, hydrating moisturizer, and an SPF product. An SPF product is important to prevent later signs of early aging. Teenagers need to be taught that tanning today will lead to damage or, worse yet, skin cancer later!

Skin Supplementation

Written by Louise Marchesin, global head of marketing at Skinade®
Skin Supplementation

In the ever-growing beauty industry, consumers are faced with more and more options when it comes to pretty much everything. From supplements and treatments to products and surgery, the available options are vast. With this in mind, it is no surprise that consumers are becoming savvier and looking for more ways to enhance their beauty routine, particularly with a skin care supplement that works from the inside out. However, with an already crowded market, many newcomers are confused by how these supplements work and which options are right for them.

Teaching Clients to Apply and Store Essential Oils

Written by Peter Friis, CEO of ESSIO Shower
Teaching Clients to Apply and Store Essential Oils

While at home, it is important for clients to apply essential oils properly to avoid adverse reactions as essential oils are pure, potent liquids that can irritate the skin if they are not applied correctly.

What is your daily skin care Ritual? Normajean Fusco

Every day, I cleanse and tone my skin. I also balance, nourish, and protect it.

Dry Skin: Simple Versus Fungal

Written by Dana Canuso, D.P.M, founder of Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet
Dry Skin: Simple Versus Fungal

As a skin care professional, it is just as important to know what to recommend for a client's feet as it is for their face, hands, and neck. What should professionals offer the client that has tried everything but simply cannot get rid of the dry, cracked skin on their heels? Most professionals would suggest a quick file or pedicure, as well as thick heel creams or lotions to treat the stubborn and sometimes painful condition. Inevitably, however, the problem always returns. What is this dry skin and why is it so persistent?

February is National Cherry Month!

Cherries are sweet and vibrantly red fruits that are chock-full of anthocyanins, which are free radical scavengers. This fruit also contains 17 different antioxidant compounds and is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In aesthetic treatments, cherries are often used during chemical exfoliation treatments as an enzyme agent.

Dos and Don'ts: Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Do: Make a change that is enjoyable. When clients decide to make a healthy change, it is important for them to do something that they like. For example, if they decide to start exercising, they should partake in an activity that they find fun. They do not have to hit the cement and start jogging for miles on end if they do not like running.

Infographic: Poikiloderma

Written by Christa Murray, laser hair removal professional and laser safety officer

• Poikiloderma is most commonly seen on the neck.
• The most common identifiers are redness and pigmentary changes in the skin.
• Poikiloderma presents when telangiectasia on the neck or chest is combined with hyperpigmentation on the neck or chest and the skin has a mottled look.

Regulating Stress Through Mindful Breathing

Written by Julie Bach, executive director of Wellness for Cancer
Regulating Stress  Through Mindful Breathing

Stress is an emotional state of unease; it is an experience ranging from mild feelings of unrest to intense feelings of turmoil. It clearly demonstrates that the sufferer does not have a good relationship with reality.

Bird Excrement in the Spa: Drop-ins Welcome

Written by Janel Luu, founder and CEO of Le Mieux Cosmetics
Bird Excrement in the Spa: Drop-ins Welcome

Every culture has its anti-aging secrets. Now, more than ever before, spas are taking advantage of the skyrocketing popularity of multicultural trends in skin care treatments. One surprising ingredient has recently flown onto the scene: a Japanese beauty secret called uguisu no fun, which is translated as nightingale excrement. Known as "The Geisha Facial," this treatment is currently offered by high-end spas to clients seeking a soft, firm, and beautifully radiant complexion.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Hormones, Diet, and Their Skin!

Written by Jennifer Masson, L.E., R.D., L.D.N., owner of Jennifer Masson RD LLC-Nutritionista Wellness
What Every Woman  Needs to Know About Hormones, Diet, and Their Skin!

When it comes to the body, estrogen, insulin, cortisol, thyroid, and other hormones help keep it running smoothly. As women age and their bodies change, estrogen starts declining in a manner that is very erratic. As a result, some women experience hot flashes, hair loss, sleeplessness, irritability, gastrointestinal discomfort, loss of libido, and skin changes. Their skin may become dry, flaky, thinner, and more delicate. Wrinkles and sagging occur from collagen loss and the breakdown of elastin. Some women may even develop adult acne on their chin and neck, which is directly related to hormonal balance.

Incorporating Self Care Into Spas

Written by Shel Pink, SpaRitual and Slow Beauty® Founder
Incorporating  Self Care Into Spas

Slow Beauty® is a way of life; it is a recognition that an enduring, inner beauty offers people an opportunity to slow down and remember their own essence. The guiding principle of this philosophy is sustainable self-care. It is key to develop a series of self-care rituals that promote beauty from the inside out.

Anti-Pollution  Skin Care

Anti-pollution skin care has become the latest trend in the aesthetics industry. This trend, which originated in Asia, is starting to see a larger presence throughout the United States due to the growing concerns about the effect of pollution on the skin. Clients can be exposed to pollution from road and air traffic and fossil fuel combustion. According to the World Health Organization, over 80 percent of people who live in larger cities like New York City are exposed to air pollution levels that exceed the limits they set.

10 Surprises You Might Encounter While Running Your Own Skin Care Business

Written by Aaron Sonnenschein, partnership school manager for Dermalogica
10 Surprises You Might Encounter While Running Your Own Skin Care Business

1. Skin care professionals might provide a great treatment, but there is a lot involved in running a business; success is not immediate. Professionals should consider whether they have the financial, marketing, negotiating, organizational, prescriptive, and creative skills necessary to build and run a successful small business. Are they going to be able to deal with the day-to-day obligations of handling money, credit card transactions, and IRS reports? If they hire people to either assist with answering the phones or provide services they do not want to offer, how well can they deal with other service providers? Is the professional outgoing enough to network with other businesses?

The Endless Possibilities of Waxing

Written by Maxie Frericks, L.E.I., medical aesthetician at Velvet Day Spa
The Endless Possibilities of Waxing

Waxing can be described as somewhat ancient as it originated in Egypt, where the Egyptians would utilize seashell tweezers, pumice stones, beeswax, and sugaring for hair removal. Waxing and sugaring are still popular hair removal methods used in today's society. In fact, most of the professional waxing chains carry waxes with beeswax as the main ingredient.

What is Your Skin Care Ritual? Rachael Pontillo

I cleanse in the morning with my oil cleanser, tone, and apply a facial oil. I only apply sunscreen if I am going to be outside in the sun, which, lately, is not often. At night, I remove my makeup either with my oil cleanser or micellar cleansing fluid. I then tone and apply my emulsion moisturizer followed by my facial oil. I do an enzymeexfoliation and rhassoul clay/powdered mask once a month. I make all my own products from scratch.

Vanities Spa

Vanities Spa, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, offers world-class treatments in a private and client-focused location. When a client walks through Vanities' diamond door, they enter a space that is theirs and theirs alone. Nancy Seale, L.E., owner of the spa, locks the door – leaving the outside world behind – and welcomes her guest into their very own private spa experience, which includes a world of aromatherapy, soft spa music of the client's choosing, and a warm bed. Each treatment is designed to allow clients to not only receive the results they are expecting, but also have that special time and space where they can let go of all their stresses and reconnect with their inner light.

3 Steps to Facial Dry Brushing

Facial dry brushing has the same benefits as dry brushing the body, including detoxifying the lymphatic system and reducing cellulite. Facial dry brushing increases blood flow, removes toxin buildup, and provides the skin with a nice glow. Dry brushes for the face should have extremely fine and soft bristles. Clients should dry brush their face one to two times a week and remember to be gentle.

When deciding on a beverage to offer clients, skin care professionals should consider a hot, fragrant cup of tea. Many teas contain herbs and plants that are rich in antioxidants and have a number of wellness benefits. Furthermore, the aroma that is produced by hot tea may also provide the client with a calming effect. Some teas to consider are green, chamomile, jasmine, and hibiscus.

Rosewater is created through steam distillation of rose petals and is often used in toners or facial spritzes. Rosewater has a high concentration of vitamins A and C and antioxidants that help to hydrate the skin. It is often recommended for clients with sensitive skin or conditions like rosacea due to its anti-inflammatory properties that help to mollify skin irritations and flare-ups. Rosewater also has antibacterial properties that make it beneficial for clients with acne. Moreover, it has beneficial aromatherapy properties that can help to uplift the mood and increase spirits.

Infographic: Water

Written by Amra Lear, L.E., L.M.T.

1. Water is a molecule consisting of two hydrogens and one oxygen.
2. H2O is the chemical formula for water, ice, and steam.
3. Water can be a solid, liquid, or gas.

Dos and Don'ts: Brightening Skin


Use natural ingredients. When clients are battling hyperpigmentation, including age spots and melasma, it is important for them to use products with ingredients that are not going to permanently damage thier skin. Safe and effective ingredients for skin brightening include licorice, kojic acid, arbutin, and mulberry extract.


Breathing Deeply for Glowing Skin

Written by Anabel de La Vega, skin care program director at Boca Beauty Academy
Breathing Deeply  for Glowing Skin

Deep breathing is one of the healthiest exercises for the body and skin. It relaxes the muscles and delivers oxygen to every cell in the body. It also increases the functionality of every system in the body. Furthermore, a person's blood pressure lowers as their muscles let go of tension. Deep breathing triggers the release of endorphins, which improves feelings of well-being and pain relief. It also detoxifies the lymphatic system and encourages the release of harmful toxins.

Snail Mucus

Written by Bella Schneider, P.M.E., founder and owner of Bella Schneider Beauty
Snail Mucus

In the never-ending quest for the fountain of youth, there seems to be no boundaries when it comes to sussing out the strangest, most bizarre, and slimiest of elements. One of the most interesting and trendy ingredients to surface in the name of beauty is snail mucus, or snail filtrate.

The Dangers of  Antibacterial Soap

The FDA recently banned the consumer sale of soaps that contain certain antibacterial ingredients. These ingredients – the most common of which are triclosan, which is used in liquid soap, and triclocarban, which is used in bar soap – were banned because the administration did not feel that their benefits outweighed their risks.


Sensitive Skin: Symptom or Skin Type?

Written by Vida Karamooz, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Blue Beautifly, and Becky Kuehn, L.M.E., founder of Oncology Spa Solutions®
Sensitive Skin:  Symptom or Skin Type?

Sensitive skin is often misunderstood as a skin type when it actually results from interference or distress to the body's natural biological function. The skin is the reflection of a person's overall health condition. When the body is healthy, all organs, including the skin, function normally and in harmony with one another. Skin becomes sensitive, weak, and fragile when its barrier function (stratumcorneum), natural cellular activities, and regenerative processes are compromised by external and internal factors.

Are Hypoallergenic Products Better for Sensitive Skin?

Written by Bojana Matovski, founder and president of Rejuvee™
Are Hypoallergenic Products Better  for Sensitive Skin?

While clients with sensitive skin are often told by their doctors to use hypoallergenic products, there is no industry standard for products that are labeled as hypoallergenic. For example, companies can remove the fragrance from their product and call it hypoallergenic.

The Healing Benefits of Aloe

Written by Sara Fulton, president and co-founder of Vivant Skin Care
The Healing Benefits of Aloe

Six thousand years ago, aloe vera was so important that depictions of it were inscribed on the walls of tombs. Named the plant of immortality by the Egyptians, aloe vera, a member of the lily family, is a cactus plant with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It contains over 150 ingredients that work to provide a variety of healing and health-giving benefits.

What is Your Skin Care Ritual? Pamela Taylor

My daily skin care ritual begins in the morning by rinsing with a mild and natural-based cleanser, toning and moisturizing, and using a sunscreen in the summer. In the evening, I use a cotton square with a creamy cleanser and toner, followed by an eye and night serum. I use a few natural-based lines.

4 Aesthetic Practices for Acneic Clients

Written by Janine Ellenberger, MB.ChB., founder of the GR8SKN skin care
4 Aesthetic Practices  for Acneic Clients

Skin care professionals have the privileged role of being able to affect great change in an acneic client's skin and life. Acne affects 80 percent of Americans at some point in their life and ranges from mild and manageable to severe and disfiguring. Education and long-term skin maintenance is key in the management of this skin condition and much more can be done than prescribed topical creams and oral medication.

Business plans outline goals and specify how a business will go about achieving those goals. Although business plans can seem overwhelming and stressful, it does not need to be 24 pages long to be effective. When drafting a business plan, start small and let the plan evolve organically. Business plans can be used in the spa for goals such as adding a new service or switching product lines.

Infographic: Massage

Written by Felicia Brown

86% of Massage Therapists in the United States are women and most people become massage therapists as a second career.

Do's and Don'ts: Homecare


Use products consistently. In order for results to be seen, clients need to use their homecare regimen on a consistent basis. Furthermore, they should only use the products as they have been instructed to by their skin care professional. If the client uses products on a regular basis, they should expect to see results in about four to six weeks.

Private Label Skin Care: Put Your Name Where the Money Is

Written by Cheryl Whitman, founder and CEO of beautiful forever Aesthetic Business Consulting
Private Label Skin Care:  Put Your Name Where the Money Is

The future of private label skin care lines in the spa is bright as spa owners recognize this burgeoning and lucrative market. Just one successful product can offer a greater return on investment and start to make the professional a skin care authority

Wake Up and Smell the Essential Oils

Written by Antonia Schreiber, L.E., L.M.T., owner and operator of The Windham Spa
Wake Up and Smell  the Essential Oils

Aromatherapy provides spa professionals the ability to make every service in the treatment room customizable. Be it a mask, moisturizer, or linen spray, aromatherapy is not only a catalyst in achieving desired results, but also improving the bottom line of the spa.


The Synthesis of Melanin

Researchers from two universities in Germany, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Kiel, recently discovered the molecular mechanism behind the synthesis of melanin using a technique that involved mutation of tyrosinase. Melanin, which is produced by melanocytes, contributes to both skin and hair color and is found in almost all life forms. For example, it gives insects protection against pathogenic microorganisms and promotes tissue repair. It is also attributed to the brown spots on bananas.

Blended Aromatherapy Recipes

Written by Jaclyn Strausser, L.M.E., senior account executive for SkinCeuticals
Blended Aromatherapy Recipes

Although aromatherapy has been used for hundreds of years, there has recently been a resurgence of this ancient practice. Many people are looking to alternative ways of healing and aromatherapy is one of the most popular methods to date. Aromatherapy is both simple and complex and while there is much to learn on the subject, most people find that they can adopt basic aromatherapy principles and practices into their daily lives in order to increase their overall health and wellness.


Surprising Causes of Body Acne

Breakouts can occur all over the body, including the back and the buttocks. Some clients, however, may not be aware that some of their showering habits could be the cause of their body breakouts.


Exploring Korean Beauty

Written by Noreen Young, L.E., owner of Noreen Young Cosmetics
Exploring Korean Beauty

The beautiful skin of Asian women has always intrigued women and men around the world. Their almond eyes, flawless skin, and rosy pouts create a look that is reminiscent of porcelain dolls.

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