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The Microblading Guide: Getting the Most out of Eyebrows Featured

Written by Jaclyn Peresetsky, L.M.E.
The Microblading Guide: Getting the Most out  of Eyebrows

Trends may come and go, but fuller, thicker eyebrows are currently in demand! People who have regrets about over-tweezing or have a naturally thinning eyebrow are considering a longer-lasting alternative to drawing their eyebrows daily.

Magic Eye (liner)

Written by Linda Tawil, president and creative director of Morphe LLC
Magic Eye (liner)

A little eyeliner can go a long way. From the eye-opening impact to the numerous application techniques, there is no shortage of ways to create captivating eyeliner looks for clients. But, understandably, eyeliner can be a bit overwhelming. Where to begin? What looks best on each client’s eye shape? Here are a few guidelines.

Bizarre Beauty Practices Throughout History

Beauty is a timeless vanity. From the earliest use of a reflection caught from a hand-held tool made of polished obsidian stones, the first mirror was born. Since the Anatolia realized in 6,000 B.C.E. (modern day Turkey) that the human image could be captured in real time by their own reflection, vain expeditions arose in the minds of the curious as to how the reflections could be better. Thus, it encouraged the ascent of beauty conquistadors to enhance, allure, and create illusions of these reflections to promote an image worthy to be seen by its owner and others.  

Implementing Trends into a Client’s Makeup Routine

As professionals gear up for the colder months, they want to be sure that they are creating impactful, on-trend makeup looks. A professional’s secret weapons this season are shimmering highlights, bold lip colors, and fun, metallic eye shadows.

Eyeshadow Techniques for All Eye Shapes

Written by Aliesh Pierce, L.E., founder and lead expert at Ask Aliesh
Eyeshadow Techniques for All Eye Shapes

Applying lipstick and nail polish has long been recognized as the easiest way to add a bit of color. However, if social media is used as a barometer, eye color products are taking over as the most popular form of makeup. While most people have an understanding of what each product does, they may not understand the best application techniques for their unique eye shape. In order to customize an approach that addresses a client’s beauty concerns, industry professionals must take each unique feature into consideration.

An introduction to... Beauty

Globally, women spend an average of about $144 yearly on beauty products; women in the west, on average, spend the most on beauty products, spending $154 yearly.

Almost half of American women feel that wearing makeup gives them control.

The largest part of the cosmetic industry, 36.4 percent, is represented by skin care products.

As of 2016, the revenue of the cosmetic industry was $62.46 billion.

A 2013 study revealed that British women keep makeup six years after its expiration date; on average, they keep eyeshadow for about seven years.

In 2016, the men’s grooming market was $19.36 billion. By 2020, it is expected to grow to $23.98 billion.

Beauty Happy Hour: Makeup Bar

Written by Shawn Towne
Beauty Happy Hour: Makeup Bar

For most makeup artists, the high point of their job is hearing the excitement and revelation clients experience when seeing how a professional makeup application could enhance their appearance. Almost nothing makes a professional makeup artist happier than hearing a client exclaim, “Wow! I never knew I could look like this!”

A Teen Makeup Step-by-Step

Written by Amanda Azar
A Teen Makeup Step-by-Step

In recent years, millennial makeup application techniques trend towards heavier coverage and more dramatic finishes. However, when consulting with a teenage client for a makeup application, it is important to stay true to their age, lifestyle, and parental discretion.

Foundation for Different Skin Types

Written by Annie Mayo, president and CEO of Advanced Mineral Makeup
Foundation for Different Skin Types

It is the base of every beauty look and the tool that keeps a person’s confidence in check when their skin will not cooperate: foundation. As with any beauty product, foundation perfects the skin and gives the client a flawless finish. The trick, however, is to pick the right one for the client’s skin type.

Top 6 Tricks to Master Makeup

Written by Michelle Richardson
Top 6 Tricks to Master Makeup

There are so many facets to becoming a freelance makeup artist, including different techniques and ongoing updates. The whole experience can become overwhelming because most people would like to gain the needed knowledge immediately, without realizing it is a process. First and foremost, skin care professionals must love makeup or be willing to learn how to apply it.

Highlighting Techniques

Written by Linda Tawil, president and creative director of Morphe LLC
Highlighting Techniques

Highlighting the face is a popular makeup trend. It adds light, luminosity, and a fresh glow. The technique gives the artist the ability to accentuate, hide, redefine, and draw attention to desired features.

Mastering the No Makeup Look

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E., professional makeup artist and co-owner of California Makeup Academy-Training Center
Mastering the No Makeup Look

Many skin care professionals have clients that are on the run with little or no time to apply makeup. With clients juggling numerous activities in their lives, they are starting to prefer daily looks that are low maintenance. The "no makeup look" is perfect for clients that prefer quick and easy makeup applications.

Makeup Primers

Written by Amanda Azar, L.E., founder and executive artist at Azar Beauty
Makeup Primers

Everything in today's world is about getting an immediate fix, immediate access, and immediate solutions. The "now, now, now" mentality has crossed into the cosmetics industry with the advanced development of makeup primers. Most clients do not have an impeccable skin canvas to apply makeup to, so the technology found in primers today is more crucial now than ever before. Clients can instantly "fix" the skin's surface before applying makeup using the appropriate primer.

Everyday Makeup

Written by Ellie Malmin, owner and founder of Ellie Malmin Lash, Brow, and Makeup Academy
Everyday Makeup

Following a facial, clients may be interested in receiving a quick makeup application before leaving the spa. The skin care professional should be equipped to provide an everyday makeup look and even teach it to the client.

Man-hanced Makeup

Written by Pamela Taylor, professional makeup artist and author
Man-hanced Makeup

Welcome to the new world! Makeup for men is an emerging trend that has been gaining momentum in the past few years. It is mostly used for entertainers, rather than the average man, as most men feel uncomfortable wearing makeup and having it applied. When it is applied and treated properly, however, clients will often comment that they like the look and will ask how it was achieved. They enjoy the subtle and natural change that a touch up provides and often keep the product on after the session is complete.

10 Things About...Makeup Brushes

Written by Linda Tawil
10 Things About...Makeup Brushes

The secret to a flawless face of makeup lies in the makeup brushes. Professional makeup artists alike agree that makeup brushes are the most important tools in every person's makeup collection. Investing in the right brushes and caring for them makes all the difference when applying makeup. Makeup brushes come in various sizes, shapes, and types – each uniquely designed with a specific purpose for creating a flawless finish.

Airbrush Makeup

Written by Dina Ousley, creator of Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush Makeup

Professional airbrush makeup systems make it possible to use 10 times less makeup and look 10 years younger. Airbrush makeup systems are widely known and respected in the professional beauty industry and have changed makeup application forever. It is a fast, simple, and economic application process that provides beautiful, healthy, and flawless results. Airbrush makeup is perfect for both younger and older clients who want on-trend makeup effects; healthy, non-irritating makeup application; or a beautiful, photogenic makeover. With just a quick spray, mature clients will instantly look years younger in the blink of an eye!

Lipstick Talk: Lipstick Shade and Personality

Written by Sheilah Fulton, L.E., B.S., M.B.A., aesthetics instructor
Lipstick Talk: Lipstick  Shade and Personality

Lipstick shades can define a client's personality and set forth their image to the world. Their shade of lipstick should enhance their wardrobe and allow their personality to shine. The choice of color they select can lift their spirits, motivate them, reflect a sense of adventure, and exude confidence.

Use the following lipstick shade personality map to help clients reveal their true self, new self, or alternate identity!

A Step-by-Step: Makeup Protocol  for Medium and Darker Skin Tones

In order to be considered an accomplished makeup artist, proficiency working with all skin tones, ages, and textures is imperative. Unfortunately, retail cosmetic companies have only recently created makeup with enough pigment for medium and darker skin tones. Makeup lacking pigment will either not offer enough coverage or turn pink and ashy on darker skin tones. Luckily, there are professional makeup lines that cater to all skin colors and undertones, unlike traditional consumer retail lines.


Eyelash Extensions:  The Mascara  of the Future

When it comes to makeup, the key to successful retailing has always revolved around mascara. For generations, cosmetic surveys have revealed that the one and only beauty product women would not want to give up is mascara. If they have time to apply only one product in the morning, they choose to darken and thicken their eyelashes with one or two coats of mascara rather than apply other products like eyeshadow, blush, foundation, lipstick, or eyeliner.

Making Money with Makeup

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E.
Making Money with Makeup

Aestheticians are considered licensed makeup artists, however, very few skin care professionals take advantage of that title. Studies show that most women wish they were more skilled at applying their own makeup. Statistics show that the retail cosmetic sales industry is a billion dollar business. Licensed professionals should be suggesting what is best for their clients' skin and coloring and current trends. Helping clients look great will only generate business referrals. It is easy to expand a skin care business with makeup through education and retail knowledge. It is a transition that will create repeat business and increase the service base, referrals, and income! Professionals should open the possibilities of their aesthetics license by capitalizing on their license description.


Written by Lauren Balukonis, senior account executive at Behrman Communications

The first use of cosmetics dates back to the ancient Egyptians and their use of kohl. They painted this early makeup around their eyes not only to enhance appearance, but also to ward off the evil eye and dangerous spirits. Cleopatra was also said to have used a lip stain that got its hue from ground carmine beetles, while other women used a combination of clay and water to color their lips. The ancient Greeks and Romans also painted their faces with powders made of ground up minerals and stones.

Helping Clients Prepare for Professional Headshots

Written by Annie Mayo, president and CEO of Advanced Mineral Makeup
Helping Clients Prepare  for Professional Headshots

Many clients are asked to prepare themselves for a professional photoshoot or company headshots that will be used in a variety of business avenues. Clients may become overwhelmed at the thought of preparing for professional photographs, but this uncertainty gives the skin care professional an opportunity to step in and help the client prepare for the event. When the client is equipped with the right hair style and color, makeup, and wardrobe, they will not have to guess or be unsure about how they will look; with the professional's help, they will know that they look their best!

Popular Makeup Trends for the Winter Season

Written by Lori Leib, creative director for Bodyography Professional Cosmetics
Popular Makeup Trends for  the Winter Season

Much like the 2016 winter fashion trends, makeup is taking an even more artistic turn; individuality is being embraced and praised and off-the-wall colors and textures are adorning everything from tips to lips and eyes. The runways provided a wide array of stunning fashion ensembles that included everything from metallic woven fabric and Barbie pink fur to wild prints and ruffles of all shapes and sizes.

10 Things About...Manicures

Written by Kerlisha Munroe
10 Things About...Manicures

The history of the manicure can be dated back to over 3,000 years ago when ancient Babylonian and Egyptian men and women used stained fingernails to signify their wealth. In addition to staining their fingernails black or red, they also used many rich oils to care for their fingernails.

Flaunting Facial Features

Written by Ellie Malmin, owner and founder of Ellie Malmin Lash, Brow, & Makeup Academy
Flaunting Facial Features

A person's facial features can be their best asset. Many clients, however, are at a loss when it comes to the best way to flaunt their assets. Makeup artists look at the face as a canvas, taking control over each feature and transforming the face into a beautiful, eye-catching piece of art.

Post-Treatment Makeup Application

Written by Courtney G. Freeman, L.E.I., owner of Southeastern Esthetics Institute
Post-Treatment  Makeup Application

Makeup artistry is a fantastic procedure for every skin care professional to learn, regardless of their industry goals. It should truly be an added value service that provides clients with a finished look at the end of a treatment. Outlining a detailed makeup application protocol is an integral part of streamlining the business.

10 Things About...Makeup Application

Written by Noreen Young, L.E.
10 Things About...Makeup Application

Makeup can do wonders when it is applied properly to the skin. With the recent emphasis on makeup on social media, clients often think that they have to contour, strobe, highlight, reverse contour, and more. However, that kind of application becomes too overwhelming when done on a daily basis. Clients should focus on using makeup to enhance their features. They should not hide behind it or go overboard. Clients want to look like themselves, only better. 

Fall Makeup’s Artistic Inspiration

Written by Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell, makeup artist and aesthetic nutritionist
Fall Makeup’s  Artistic Inspiration

This fall, makeup trends feature an eclectic mix of tradition and taboo, redefining beauty and pushing the limits of fashion. The fall season welcomes all degrees of artistic expression, but the challenge lies in interpreting the runway's over-the-top style for the everyday wearer; the dos and don'ts of makeup, like lining the eye crease in black pencil or drawing outside of the natural lip line and then expertly wiping it off, do not seem to apply to the runway. This season, whether the trends include graphic-print eyes, full-on lips, or glittery skin, most professionals hope their clients have enough confidence to pull it off.

The Wonderful World of Body Painting

Written by Amanda Azar, founder and executive artist for Azar Beauty
The Wonderful World of  Body Painting

Skin is the new canvas for both skin care professionals and makeup artists. Pushing the boundaries beyond the face, makeup artists create illusions, characters, and works of art on the entire body. Body painting has become increasingly popular in the last few years due to media exposure and markets a different kind of customer. Like any other craft, body painting requires specific supplies and equipment and is a skill that must be refined.

How To Tan Safely

Written by Courtney G. Freeman, L.E.I.
How To Tan Safely

Summer is a fantastic time for skin care professionals to flex their ingredient knowledge and business know-how when it comes to sun protection and airbrush tanning. Clients crave exceptional consumer education and need expert knowledge to propel forward in their daily and weekly skin care routines. With bikini season in bloom and the sun rays hitting the sand, professionals are in an excellent position to educate clients and assist them in protecting one of their most-valuable assets: their skin.


Written by Anita Dawn Jones, national master instructor for Nouveau Contour USA; Nelly Kirschner, executive director for Nouveau Contour USA; and Armand Hoes, CEO of Nouveau Contour USA

Micropigmentation is one of the fastest-growing specialties in the beauty industry. Over the past few decades, this specialty has evolved from modest approaches to superior techniques. Although implanting pigment into the skin has been evidenced since the Ice Age, implantation devices have drastically improved over the years.  

The Evolution of Eye Shadow

Written by Mary Ann Lovre, president of Audrey Morris Cosmetics International
The Evolution of Eye Shadow

The use of eye shadow can be traced back to ancient Egypt where women used eye shadow to help them look more like the deities they worshiped and to help reduce the effect of the sun’s glare off the desert landscape.

Candy-Inspired Makeup Trends

This season’s colorful palette is reminiscent of a vintage candy shop, with shades ranging from pixie-stick blue to crystal pink.

A Bride’s Best Makeup

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E., freelance makeup artist and co-owner of California Makeup Academy
A Bride’s Best Makeup

When preparing for a wedding, most women spend weeks or even months choosing the right dress and finding the perfect shoes. They will also devote time to selecting the wardrobe for the entire bridal party. However, despite all of this planning, many women wait until the last minute to plan their makeup and hair application. As a skilled makeup artist it is important to be able to listen to the bride's needs and wishes while also making the client look soft, beautiful, and like themselves.

Bold Eyebrows

Written by Ellie Malmin , owner and founder of Lash, Brow and Makeup Academy
Bold Eyebrows

An eyebrow that has never been tweezed, waxed, threaded, or altered in any way has approximately 550 hairs per eyebrow; they are bold, beautiful, and youthful. On the other hand, a groomed eyebrow has approximately 250 hairs. Today, there are clients with thinning eyebrows due to hormonal changes, medications, and illnesses. While a non-defined eyebrow can age the client, bold and beautiful eyebrows add a flair of fashion and youth. With hair extensions and eyelash extensions becoming more prevalent, eyebrows need to be stronger and bolder to create a balance and frame for the eyes.

10 Things About Sunless Tanners

Written by Kelly Richardson
10 Things About Sunless Tanners

While sunless tanners may be one of the most mysterious beauty products out there, they are very simple to use with the right technique and guidance. Many clients have tried them all and either failed with their technique or by applying excess product. To keep clients out of the self-tanning hall of shame, here are 10 important things they should remember when choosing and using a sunless tanner.

Bridal Makeup: A Freelance Artist’s Guide

Written by Courtney Freeman, owner and licensed aesthetics instructor for Southeastern Esthetics Institute
Bridal Makeup: A Freelance Artist’s Guide

In the life of a budding makeup artist, understanding business logistics is an undeniable key to long-term success! These fundamental tips from a working bridal makeup artist can help to alleviate stress and streamline a routine for gorgeous brides, every single time!

Picking the Right Shade of Red Lipstick

Written by Carolyn Diamond, L.E., makeup artist, owner of Carolyn Diamond Make
Picking the Right Shade of Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style. Although red lipstick can be one of the most powerful weapons in any client’s beauty arsenal, many assume they cannot wear it.Many clients, when they gather enough courage to attempt wearing red lipstick, often feel awkward, as though everyone is looking at their lips. Truth be told, they probably are! Beautiful, red lips are striking, sexy, and an accessory within themselves.

Winter Makeup Colors

Written by Angelica Itomura, makeup artist at Downey Makeup Academy
Winter Makeup Colors

Makeup, like clothing and hair styles, change every year. Cosmetic companies are continuously challenged to come out with new colors, techniques, and textures.

Breast Cancer Care, a breast cancer support charity, hosts three, annual fashion shows

Breast Cancer Care, a breast cancer support charity, hosts three, annual fashion shows that feature models who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. These fundraising events celebrate the strength and courage of the models, while also showcasing the very latest in designer fashion. The foundation will hold the three shows in London, Scotland, and Wales on October 7, 2015, November 4, 2015, and March 15, 2016, respectively.

Believable Brows: An artistic technique for creating realistic eyebrows for clients with cance

Written by Pamela Taylor, internationally-recognized fashion and celebrity makeup artist
Believable Brows: An artistic technique for creating realistic eyebrows for clients with cance

Hair loss is traumatic experience that can result in a client looking and feeling different. One of the side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss, including the eyelashes and eyebrows. Although this situation can be difficult for clients with hair loss, it is possible to create realistic-looking eyebrows.

Halloween Makeup

Written by Maurice Stein, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Cinema Secrets Cosmetics
Halloween Makeup

Usually, makeup is about enhancing the client’s beauty with the proper tools and techniques. Sometimes makeup can be about deception and transformation, such as turning a client into a monster, creature, or animal. For a professional makeup artist, makeup can be very rewarding and, especially during Halloween, a lot of fun.

Fall Makeup for Luxurious Eyes

Written by Anabel De La Vega, skin care program director at Boca Beauty Academy
Fall Makeup for Luxurious Eyes

The new trends for the fall makeup 2015 season are classy and original. Makeup looks for this season become more elegant and fashionable, as the colors become darker. Fall 2015 brings smoky dark blues and luminous colors such as bright yellow, gold, and orange.

Highlighting and Contouring

Written by Angelica Itomura, makeup artist at Downey Makeup Academy
Highlighting and Contouring

The concept of face sculpting, or contouring, is creating a symmetrical face. The key factors of highlighting and contouring are in the understanding of light and shadows. Understanding the way light falls on the face is how the eyes will perceive shadows. When using both techniques, the illusion of a balanced face can be created.

Lipstick is Instant Gratification

Written by Noreen Young, L.E., owner of Noreen Young Cosmetics
Lipstick is Instant Gratification

When a woman is blue, she knows just what to do. She buys herself a new lipstick! A survey says that 75 percent of women believe that wearing lipstick improves their confidence and makes them look and feel better. It is definitely a cheap thrill. If a spa does not retail lipsticks, clients are buying it elsewhere after they leave the spa. Even in tough economic times, lipsticks sell! They do not take up a lot of space and are a wonderful impulse item.

Uncover a New Summer Secret

Written by Liru Chen, sales marketing director at Cailyn Cosmetics
Uncover a New Summer Secret

Summer beauty is all about keeping it fresh and natural! While looking for new things to experiment this season, it is important to utilize makeup products that are both lightweight and waterproof to beat the hot summer days. Lucky for you, we have obtained a new beauty secret just in time!

Bridal Makeup

Written by Pamela Taylor, internationally-recognized fashion and celebrity makeup artist
Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is a very specialized field within the makeup profession. When applying bridal makeup on a bride’s actual wedding day, there is a marked difference in the application. Why is bridal makeup different? When applying makeup for a magazine shoot, the application is often done for the camera. The subject is prepared using makeup that does not have to be water resistant, long-wearing, and applied to withstand hours of wear. Applying makeup incorrectly can result in the application wearing off prematurely, the makeup not lasting, the incorrect formula selection, and brightening of the bride’s face, often resulting in a shocking bright finish to the photographs, which is not apparent to the naked eye.

The Real Purpose of Makeup

Written by Christine Pemberton
The Real Purpose of Makeup

It is generally true that most people eat with care to ensure that what they ingest supports major internal organ function. When cooking, simple and clean ingredients often create the best cuisine. The same principle should hold true for the makeup that clients use on a daily basis to enhance, not mask, their appearance. Makeup is meant to enhance outer beauty without harming the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is a protective shell that needs to breathe and be nourished and nurtured.

Makeup Mishaps - Keep an eye out for these beauty mistakes!

Although there are many different ways to apply makeup, temporary beauty fads, and cultural norms, there are also beauty trends that are classic and timeless. For the average person in most cultures, the daily goal is to have natural beauty be the focus with some enhancement. When we start to overdo or go to the more extreme end of the beauty spectrum, we might end up looking more beauty busted than beautiful.

Tailor-Made Makeup Applications for Clients

When it comes to makeup, everyone has a different style. Some women like bold, bright, colorful makeup. Others might prefer a more subtle, natural look. And many might even go au natural more often than not. Understanding each client's makeup style is the first step to a great makeup application, but what comes next? There are many important factors that come into play when teaching a client appropriate makeup techniques – and it all starts with the consultation.

The Makeup Junkie: A Stellar Guide to the Tools of the Trade

The materials used to apply the craft of a professional makeup artist is as important as the applications themselves. Having the right shade of color means nothing if you do not have the proper brush to create the look a client desires. A makeup artist's clientele can vary across a broad spectrum – from personal style to the color of the skin on which a makeup artist is working. An artist needs to be prepared for every situation, even the unpredictable ones. The following are some of the basic tools a makeup artist should have in their kit.

Expressive Eye Makeup Trends for Spring

Written by Allyson Harold, lead makeup artist and color trend specialist at Mineralogie
Expressive Eye Makeup Trends for Spring

Spring is approaching quickly and this year’s colors and techniques boast the most fun yet! Emerge from hibernation to become inspired by nature and all the colors it has to offer. Vivid color can be especially intimidating after a season of dark and vampy shades. This spring, take a fearless and original approach as a makeup artist by dipping into some extremely expressive shades.

Spring Beauty Has Arrived

Written by Anabel De La Vega, skin care program director at Boca Beauty Academy
Spring Beauty Has Arrived

It is time to help clients that are looking for a beautiful, soft makeup look. For spring, the ideal makeup is soft and light. Heavy, creamy makeup can be a client’s worst enemy – and yours. Natural color palettes are the easiest and most popular during spring. As makeup artists, our goal should be to make our clients look and feel gorgeous and happy.

Rising Makeup Trends

Written by Marlene Rivera
Rising Makeup Trends

The weather may finally be cooling off, but a few popular makeup trends continue to heat up. More and more women are looking to mimic the high fashion looks of celebrity makeup, and it has never been easier to teach your clients certain techniques to accomplish at home.
Through the use of simple blending techniques, proper grooming of eyebrows, and the occasional faux eyelash, women are achieving that glamorous look with minimal effort. So, without further ado, let us take a look at three trends on the rise in the cosmetics industry.

Holiday Makeup

Written by Mary Van, owner and founder of Mineralogie
Holiday Makeup

When young aestheticians start out in their new journey, the opportunities are endless as to the direction of their career. At first, newly licensed aestheticians are eager to begin their careers and experience the fulfillment of her learning. As their careers progress over time, these aestheticians will discover what they love most about their field and may choose to pursue extensive schooling in one aspect of the field. When deciding to change career direction, these aestheticians have various avenues that can be chosen.

Diminish the Blemish: How to use makeup to cover imperfections

Women have been fascinated with beauty for centuries. Part of that fascination is perfection. In order to achieve that perfection, women have been using makeup to cover up their blemishes. There comes a point in a woman’s life where there is a need for a cover up, whether it be a portion of the face, full face, or body. Using makeup to cover pimples, blemishes, acne, and pigmented areas with makeup is rarely a bad idea. Women experiencing these unwanted skin conditions tend to feel that they have awful skin, thus leading to covering up a lot more of their skin than needed and sometimes even lowering their self-esteem. As a makeup artist, I teach women how to select the proper color correcting formula and techniques to create a flawless finish without bringing attention to problem areas. With these techniques, the goal is to flatter the viewing eye.

2014 Makeup Trends

Written by Kimberly Czelusniak, L.E.
2014 Makeup Trends

Writing a piece on current makeup trends is quite challenging, as you turn the corner of the runway, there is another! One thing is for certain, which is great news for aestheticians and makeup artists: makeup will not be paring back to minimal anytime soon. Have fun. Your client’s face is an empty canvas and options abound for being on trend.

The Global Canvas for Makeup

I began my aesthetic career as a makeup artist. Inspired by the training I received from one of the finest skin care schools in the United States, I felt very confident on my first day at work apprenticing as a makeup assistant for a national hair magazine. What I quickly discovered was that everything I had been taught was the antithesis of what real life makeup application was about.
Many aesthetic schools do not provide their students with an education that prepares them to work on a variety of ethnic skin types. Unfortunately, the same holds true for makeup training which, more often than not, is skewed to a European standard of beauty. For example, many instructional diagrams on how to create the perfect eyebrow still advise students to measure from the outside edge of the nose.1 However, applying that technique to a client with a wide nose would result in the eyebrow beginning at the center of the eye.

All About Nails

The perfect manicure or pedicure starts with healthy, resilient nails and the role of the nail care professional in their care is critical. Before a nail lacquer color is selected it is important to assess the health and general condition of a client’s nails, cuticles and skin. You should be able to identify and address some common conditions that effect nails and nail growth. If the eyes are the windows to our soul, then the condition of our nails is a window to our health. At the beginning of each manicure or pedicure service, you should perform a thorough client consultation that will help you customize the most effective nail care protocols for your client’s specific needs.

Spray Tanning

Sunless tanning is considered the application of a natural or chemical-based product that is applied to the skin to produce an effect similar in appearance to a natural suntan. The popularity in sunless tanning services has grown over the past 30 years as an increase in concern about sun exposure, the health risks of tanning beds, and the "Hollywood" factor. Originally in a lotion/cream form, sunless tanning products are now found in gels, mousses, sprays, and professional applications with machines and automated booths.
Professional applications – now known as spray tanning – were once only found in tanning salons, but are now an expected service to be found inside skin care and makeup studios, day spas, salons, and via mobile service.

How to Get and Protect Radiant Skin this Summer

Around this time of year, most people strive to achieve beautifully bronzed skin. Despite knowing the damaging and aging effects of UV rays, many will ditch the sunscreen in an attempt to obtain glowing skin.
Knowing bronzed skin is in high demand amongst our clients this season, how can we drive home the importance of sun protection and what can we offer them as an alternative? And if clients do spend too much time in the sun, what can we do to help them safely heal and repair the damage?

The Magic of Airbrush Makeup

As professionals in the aesthetic, salon and medical spa industries, we understand how important it is to exceed the client's expectations in as many ways as possible. On the surface, our mission is to help clients look as youthful, healthy and beautiful as possible. They expect us to share our best services talents and products in the least amount of time and with the least amount of discomfort. That is why the perfect time to think about the magic of professional airbrush makeup is now!

How to Update Your Makeup Look for Different Seasons

Each season presents an opportunity to modify your client's makeup look. It is not necessary to toss products season to season, but there are important guidelines to follow in order to achieve a look that is most appropriate for the current season. Throughout the last 15 years as a makeup artist, I have noticed that over time, most women develop a makeup routine – they use the same color(s) almost every day – this habit often leads to a feeling of complacency.As we age the skin loses warmth and radiance, so it is important to update foundation, concealer and color palettes along the way.

Giving Skin a Foundation for Beauty

Natural beauty remains the most timeless and sought after look of all. Women want makeup that enhances their own beauty without looking overdone. Makeup trends would not gain popularity unless the woman underneath has what it takes to motivate other women to copy the look. As a girl who has been in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the pageant and modeling world, I can attest to the fact that stunning transformations are made possible by healthy and nourishing skin care products that prime the skin. These are the steps to creating a strong foundation for beauty, starting with the skin on your face and enhancing eyes and lips…whether your aesthetic ideal is a flawless canvas for the latest makeup look or to go fresh-faced with confidence.

How Tanning Changes the Brain

People who frequently use tanning beds experience changes in brain activity during their tanning sessions that mimic the patterns of drug addiction, new research shows.
Scientists have suspected for some time that frequent exposure to ultraviolet radiation has the potential to become addictive, but the new research is the first to actually peer inside the brains of people as they lay in tanning beds.
What the researchers found was that several parts of the brain that play a role in addiction were activated when the subjects were exposed to UV rays.

Dermatology Nurses Join Groups in Opposing Tanning Tax Repeal

The Dermatology Nurses Association (DNA), joins nearly 100 state and national medical associations including the AmericanAcademy of Dermatology Association and the American Medical Association in signing a letter of opposition to Rep. Michael Grimm (R-C, NY), who co-sponsored legislation to repeal the 10 percent tax on indoor tanning services.
According to the AmericanAcademy of Dermatology Association, nearly 70 percent of tanning salon patrons are girls and women aged 16 – 29 years. However, skin cancer diagnoses have been steadily increasing among both men and women. American Cancer Society statistics show one in five Americans will develop the disease in his or her lifetime.

Do Aestheticians Hold the Key to Healthy Hair?

Treating the scalp as skin with cosmeceutical ingredients can inhibit the progression of hair damage and loss.
Millions of Americans battle some form of hair loss, spending upwards of $3.5 million annually on treatment solutions that oftentimes are ineffective. Though hair loss is commonly due to genetics, it can also stem from unhealthy or aged scalp conditions. Research recently conducted by Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, found many of the cosmeceutical ingredients used to maintain skin health, produce the same rejuvenating benefits when applied to the scalp and hair.

Healthy Hands and Feet

Treatments in the Spa
Clients look to their technician as the authority they should be on how to keep their hands, nails, and cuticles looking their best before and after the spa service. Nail technicians across the country have various tricks up their sleeves and use a diverse list of favored ingredients and recipes to keep clients happy and coming back for more. Many make use of local or specialty ingredients and offer nail services that speak to their region or to seasons or holidays.

Who is the Brownest of us All?

A quick glance through the latest fashion ‘IT’ magazines makes it clear having golden skin is “Beauty Hot” representing health, vigor, and youth. The desire for this tanned look also presents the flip side of the increasing awareness of accumulative hazards affiliated with prolonged UVR light exposure and a yearly-renewed interest in ‘artificial tanning’ products as summer approaches. Using the term ‘artificial tanning’ is by description only a ‘marketing idiom’ and not accurate in present day sound skin science. Although the potentially dangerous photon energy of the sun is not accountable for this ‘artificial’ pigment reaction, the skin none-the-less is chemically responding with darkening consequence.

From Plain to Just Plain FABULOUS

There is such a major focus on antiaging and finding the fountain of youth…just remember not all your clients are searching for that elixir nor do they want to look 10 years younger, they are young. Here is how I show these young things how to look like themselves only better. 
After a skin care lesson and a delicious fresh, and friendly facial mask (Greek yogurt and a teaspoon of honey); which I leave on for 15 minutes her skin should feel amazing and makeup should go on like silk. Afterwards, my model was ready for a dash of color to her face.

The Metamorphosis of Camouflage

Written by Christine Heathman, CPE, CME, Master Aesthetician USA
The Metamorphosis of Camouflage

Camouflage makeup therapy is unique to all skin types and conditions and supports an emotional rehabilitation providing a metamorphosis for the mind, body, and soul of the recipient. According to the English Word Dictionary metamorphosis is a word that indicates a complete or marked change of physical structure or a marked change in appearance, character or condition, or someone who has gone through a complete or marked change.

Eyelash Extensions: Enhance Your Spa’s Income with the Wow Factor!

If eyes truly are the “windows of the soul” then I say – LASH OUT!
As a spa professional, you can not help but blink to notice how long, lush lashes are in your face! With icons like Shu Uemura, and his highly stylized Tokyo Lash Bar, lashes are coming of age in America with true lash extension manufacturers continually creating new products promising thicker, longer definition to the eyes.
The spa industry is all about beautifying, and a big part of what makes a woman feel more beautiful is longer, thicker, more voluminous lashes. The technique of eyelash extensions is a relatively recent addition to the makeup and salon repertoire in the U.S yet it has already become hugely popular and in demand, especially in urban areas.

Turn Over a New Leaf with New Makeup

Summer makeup has always been about minimal looks, bronzed glowing skin and keeping it easy. When fall rolls around, the looks start to get more ornate and dramatic, which can be intimidating to many women. I know from my days of working retail that many of my customers were creatures of habit and liked wearing the same lipstick, blush or eyeshadow. When their favorite shade was discontinued, they would look high and low for the same color. I used to explain that this was a sign to try something new.

Sunless Tanning

Today’s clients are interested in more than just applying a self-tanning lotion.As an aging baby boomer in my early 50s, my body reflection doesn’t match my youthful self image and it is showing with brown spots, sagging thighs, and cellulite.I’ve followed a healthy lifestyle and exercised regularly since I was in my 20s. Certainly that helps, but I need more now to preserve what I have and to improve what I can. I decided to buy a self-tanner to cover up the flaws and make my white body look healthier as it does with a tan.

Overcoming Natural Nail Care Challenges

Your clients and patients love beautiful nails! While artificial nails are still popular, natural nails and natural nail care are the most exciting trends for professional salons, day spas and medical spas today! Whether you currently offer nail care services or are planning an expansion to include nail care services, you should be aware of the latest nail care trends. Maintaining natural nails is a challenge and there are obstacles that could cause your patients to become self-conscious of their nails’ condition. Most of these common nail care challenges are unsightly but can be overcome by regular visits to a nail technician.

The Business of Safe Tanning

From over-the-counter creams and lotions that consumers were required to self-apply, to customized spray tans applied in a few minutes by trained technicians, the airbrush/spray tanning industry has evolved to become one of the fastest growing and most lucrative facets of the beauty industry.
Salons, spas, dermatologists, and other skin care treatment centers have discovered the affordable and profitable opportunity in adding spray tanning to their menu of services, to open the door and invite in new clients.
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a colorless 3-carbon sugar that, when applied to the skin, causes a chemical reaction with amino acids in the surface cells, producing a darkening effect. DHA does not damage skin as it only affects the outermost cells of the epidermis (stratum corneum).

No More Streaks - Prepping for Sunless Tanning

In the last 20 years I’ve experimented with various ways of exfoliating the skin prior to sunless tanning and found that depending on the type of exfoliation it can be detrimental to the overall outcome. I have determined that sunless tans are extremely temperamental when it comes to exfoliation. Too much or too little exfoliation will cause a “lizardy” appearance. Sunless tans do best with a mild, surface exfoliation. Anything too harsh will create valleys in the surface of the skin, which will leave you with an uneven looking sunless tan.
I’ve learned this through my personal escapades.

Holiday Makeup

The trend this holiday season offers you a couple of different looks from which to choose. Deep red lips balanced with a neutral eye or the smokey, expressive eye with barely there lips. Shimmer is in and is the perfect festive look for the holidays.

Classic Crimson
It's the return of the fabulous 40's classic look: pale, creamy skin with defined, red lips.

Shades of Summer

Mothers have been fretting over their teenage daughter’s ever-increasing cosmetic use and the threat it plays on their skin since cosmetics were invented. Now they can breathe easier for even teens can use cosmetics that are safe, effective, and made especially for them.
Parents and teens should decide together what appropriate make-up is for their age. One option that you can offer parents as their daughter’s begin to wear make-up is a Skin Care and Make-up Primer Consultation. As a professional, it is your job to teach teens techniques that are age appropriate.

The Ultimate in Skin Care Techniques

The first preparation before a foundation is placed on the skin is to properly clean the skin. I always recommend using a cleanser that has non-drying additives and can reach deep beneath the skin's outer layer to bring out environmental dirt and residue from cosmetic applications. My rule of thumb, "The cleaner the skin, the more the foundation will lock onto the skin to promote a fresh and longer lasting look."
Most people need, and should use, a moisturizer after cleaning their skin. Because of the sun and environmental elements the skin is exposed to, I also encourage the use of a sunscreen before the foundation is applied.

Spring Trendsetters

Accentuate the positive! The hot new trend this spring is to accent one feature. It's not about not minimizing make-up but having fun with eyes, lips, or cheekbones in a playful way. Don't be shy, find that best feature and show it off!
Let's start at the top. Bangs are back. If you haven't had bangs for a while, now's the time. Short, blunt, cut bangs that rest at the top of the brows or even cover the brows are really hot this spring. If you can't wear them straight, try sweeping your bangs to the side and slightly layered.

Rethinking Make-up After 40

Sooner or later it happens. We look into the mirror and see our mothers looking back at us. We start to see the subtle, or not so subtle, changes that are happening to our faces and our bodies; and we are not quite ready for what we see. The crow’s feet have crept in, and there are fine lines and wrinkles that were not there before. Our once soft and smooth skin is no longer. It isn’t because we haven’t taken care of our skin and our bodies, because we have. It’s the age thing starting to take hold.

Growing Your Makeup Add-ons

In 1983 I landed my first real job as a career aesthetician at a famous Union Square skin care salon in San Francisco, Calif. High on enthusiasm but lacking experience and clients I found myself positioned on the bottom rung of eight staff professionals that all received new customers ahead of me, leaving this new recruit with many an empty hour on his schedule. To help fill my time and, hopefully, earn a decent paycheck I proposed to the salon owner that we offer a complimentary make-up application to anyone following a facial treatment. I would do the work without compensation other than a commission on any product I sold.

Fall MODness

In the 60s, the British were setting the style trends and the world followed. Twiggy, miniskirts, go go boots, and the Beatles were all the rage and the Mod Look was born. Today, 40 years later, the Mod Look is back with a new modern twist! The look is bold, but don’t be afraid to introduce your clients to the hottest trend in make-up this season. Modern Mod is an inspired vision; it is softer than the look of the 60s and can be easily achieved.

How Makeup Can Help Your Aesthetics Career

There's one thing every experienced aesthetician knows for sure - new clients don't come quickly or easily enough! What with all of the new day spas opening everywhere and beauty schools minting flocks of trained skin care professionals the wait for a large client following can be long and excruciating. Can't afford an expensive advertising campaign or the latest skin-firming device? Not a problem! You have a low-cost and time-proven opportunity available to you that can do much to shorten the client building process while increasing your career income in short order: Make-up services and product sales.

Easy and Effective Cover-Up for All Skin Discolorations

All skin discolorations need to be addressed the same way. It's important not to camouflage, but to blend natural color into the discolored area. This applies to port wine stain birthmarks, rosacea (red pustular lesions), vitiligo (patches of unpigmented skin), bruising and any skin discoloration resulting from chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
When selecting product to place on these discolored areas, you need to use one that is user-friendly and highly pigmented and one that will not cause any skin irritation. When in doubt, I always recommend a quick and simple allergy test by applying different products. The inside area of the elbow or directly below and behind the ear are two areas which will give you accurate results.

Look Like a Star

For a woman who on most evenings chauffeurs kids, pushes a grocery cart, cooks dinner, does laundry and helps with homework, being likened to a Hollywood star may seem a little ridiculous.
Selling a fantasy sparks many successful advertising campaigns. Purchase a specific product and a life of romance, excitement, and glamour awaits you. Spritzing on the right perfume could lead you to stepping into a limo, wearing diamonds, embraced by Mr. Knock-Down Gorgeous. Buy the right car and you will drive along the Pacific Coast Highway like a scene from a James Bond movie.

Makeup Made Easy

Make-up is by far the leading draw into the skin care products and skin care services we have! If you don’t offer and/or promote make-up services, you are letting thousands of dollars walk out the door in not just retail sales, but increased service sales. You are telling them it’s OK to go buy somewhere else! Women buy make-up, this is a proven fact. If only just a lipstick or blush, they do buy. Possibly, for the ones who don’t wear make-up, it could be that no one ever showed them how to apply it to look natural. Where do they buy their make-up?

In High Definition

An internal sense of well-being or “beauty” enables an individual to present a glowing self confidence in the world today. Surveys conducted by universities and economists have concluded and support that external beauty contributes greatly to personal and professional success.
I was very honored last year to be part of a “Beauty and Labor Marketing” survey, which had a demographic group of 7,000 respondents between 30-70 years old. From this survey, the economist concluded that people who are perceived as “very nice looking” earn about 10 to 25 percent more than those viewed as “average”. Their findings held true even when education and experience levels were comparable in the two groups. It was also found that attractive women increase their salaries at a much faster rate.

Post-Surgery Make-Up Concerns

The popularity of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures has skyrocketed over the past five years. In fact, more than nine million plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2004 alone, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery has led to another beauty trend, the explosion of mineral make-up into the mainstream.
Now, patients can cover virtually any imperfection experienced after surgery and return to their daily routine with minimal downtime. However, it is extremely important to educate your patients on make-up application tips in order to minimize infection and other problems that can occur when applying make-up to affected areas.