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We Live in a Digital World

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We live in a digital world, spinning to the tune of electronic notices at every step. From the moment we wake to the moment we slumber, digital tunes hum songs of futurism in our ears. The songs are both quiet and loud, and they motivate our momentum. The digital world inspires impetus and the continually fluctuating concept of business: past the beginnings of bartering, past shipping trade, past trains and planes traversing the globe, and onward into the future of electronic commerce. Software and technology are used to help streamline efficiency and customer satisfaction in a world where information is one click away, and everything has become a digital representation of its former self.

We live in a digital world where business management software has helped businesses become more successful by reducing workload and centralizing business information, by taking the digital world and digital representations and gathering them in an easily usable, searchable and retrievable space.
We live in a digital world where efficiency is tantamount to business success. Business management software gives salons and medical spas the capability to maximize efficiency when employees need to schedule appointments, provide services, manage inventory, and control other business operations. Therefore, the operational management of an entire business can be run from one place, one computer, one set of digitized queries. Software unifies business management data into a dashboard, an easily understandable and navigable platform to control day-to-day activities. This simplification changes tasks that were typically time consuming, and renders them down to easily manageable responsibilities. Business management software provides owners and employees with an immense amount of information in an accessible place: marketing, scheduling, inventory, appointments, payroll ... everything. Software creates organization within the digital world and makes businesses more profitable by centralizing the workload.
We live in a digital world dusted with electronic parcels of information, and having every piece of relevant information in one location allows businesses to operate more effectively. Accessing digital information is a far cry from thumbing through catalogued paperwork, sifting through client cards and pictures, and trying to remember every detail about previous appointments and sales. A few simple keystrokes will deliver the same detailed material in the matter of seconds. The world is moving to digital realms of information, and software helps gather those realms in one place. Information that is desired is parsed out as needed, and the remainder is stored safely out of sight until it is required. This abundance of electronic information has all but eliminated the need for paperwork.
We live in a digital world that alleviates the pressure of holding on to needless paperwork. Software, computers, cloud-based backups, and external hard drives help store, organize and manage important business documentation. The formidable task of filing form after form in proper order has given way to creating client specific digital files and arranging them as needed. Gone are the days of looking through binders and manila folders for that one document that someone swears they saw a few weeks ago. Complex search engines and Boolean modifiers can find keywords or a specific document with ease. We live in a digital world and technology is an investment and an insurance policy for information. Documentation and files can be digitized, stored, encrypted and uploaded to prevent damage or loss. Software helps collect and connect electronic information and client information in digitized harmony.
We live in a digital world where digital clones are our electronic equivalents. Reliable software allows complete client records to be compiled and stored as easily searchable files. Every purchase and visit can be recorded as a digital event and used to better tailor future customer experiences. Software allows the digital world and the customer service world to intersect at a point that defines the client experience. Salons and spas are able to utilize the client functionality of software to record no-shows and routinely problematic clients, premium member clients, discounts, rewards, referrals, marketing information, and a whole host of client specific items. Utilizing software to compile digital information helps create unique customer experiences for each customer; experiences that will help define the business and place it at the top. Software creates the transitional bridge between customer service interactions and marketing research. It allows you to understand buying trends and client specifics, and market directly to client needs.
We live in a digital world, and viral marketing spreads through the digital realm with infectious power. Technology has given advertising power to businesses, and print ads are no longer the only way to reach potential clients. Affordable software provides businesses with the ability to design newsletters, coupons, e-mail and text message marketing campaigns. There is no longer a need for businesses to outsource advertising duties. Businesses have the ability to gather client data and market directly to specific needs: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, et cetera. Any specific marketing concept can be utilized as a way of building business. Marketing, especially for smaller businesses, used to be a time consuming process, but software has greatly reduced the time it takes to accomplish these duties.
We live in a digital world where the concept of tasks has been rendered inconsequential. The more time spent on tasks means that less time is spent dealing with increasing revenue through customer service and appointments. Efficient use of time equates to an efficient use of payroll, and an efficient use of payroll means that revenue is not being wasted. Business management software gives users control over incoming revenue and outgoing costs, and business reporting compiles relevant digital information into comprehensive statistical data that can be used to evaluate efficiency. Software allows business owners to review the products, services, marketing and employees that are working best to bring in income, and to analyze the variables that are costing the business money.
We live in a digital world, and complications, distractions, and other costly variables have measurable scope. The things that detract from business growth can be easily controlled and monitored with software. Reliable business management software will provide performance metrics for every aspect of running a successful business. Business reporting allows for tracking the entire scope of products and services: sales statistics, which employee is selling what, and detailed return figures. Technology has led to software that can compile statistics on client no shows, employee time off, and rebooked appointments. Every minute detail of business tracking and management can be measured with business management software; general ledger capabilities can be used to fully analyze profit and loss measurements and inventory tracking tools fully support invoicing and receiving.
We live in a digital world where inventory is handled with electronic grace and circumstance. The days of handwritten invoices and going through catalogues of product for ordering are long gone. Business management software gives users control over how they manage inventory, from product ordering that e-mails invoices directly to suppliers, to monitoring incoming and outgoing product. Software allows users to keep track of wholesale pricing, products that are no longer carried by suppliers, and products that change names but have the same SKU. Great business management software will combine point of sale functionality with inventory management. By doing this, a business can ring up product sales and inventory will immediately update to reflect the new stock count. Software allows businesses to monitor inventory effectively and easily.
We live in a digital world that demands complexity wrapped in an easy to use software package. The concept of user friendly software has evolved over the years. The idea of learning how to fully utilize software began as a daunting task, but software and technology have come extremely far. The explosive growth of the digital and technological world coupled with the expanding market that develops and utilizes technology has forced usability to be a widely recognized factor in production. If software is too difficult to use, then it will naturally be eliminated from the market as more usable products emerge. Proper business management software should be powerful enough to manage an entire business, but easy enough to learn in a few of hours. Software assists a business in operations and growth, and it should reduce time spent on backend duties, not increase it.
We live in a digital world, and creating a digital atmosphere in your business greatly reduces the overall workload. Technology and software help employees accomplish tasks quickly, and reducing employee workload means that a business can direct the employee's focus to growth. Software and technology promote business growth by letting the employee focus on the factors that help businesses prosper: client retention, customer service, building relationships, further education, and brand recognition. One of the most powerful tools of marketing and brand recognition is word of mouth. Business management software frees up employees to create positive customer experiences. Positive experiences translate to word of mouth, which in today's world of social media spreads instantly. The fact is technology has changed how word travels, be it positive or negative. Creating positive customer experiences creates business growth.
Software and technology modified the way businesses operate in incredible ways. What used to take hours and numerous employees now takes seconds and can often be automated. The digital element has delivered the ability for rapid business growth and expansion through processes previously outsourced to other companies. Communication is instantaneous, and word of mouth spreads like wildfire through social media sites. We live in a digital world and because of this the ordinarily time consuming business, processes have become minute operations simplified into digital notions. With efficiency and business management handled by software, employees have more time to spend with what really matters in this digital world: the non-digital aspects – the customers.

Thom Boersma holds a Bachelor's in English and a Bachelor's in History from the University of Michigan, and a Master's in English from Eastern Michigan University. He is certified by the State of Michigan in secondary education and has worked in a variety of retail locations before working as a trainer for Borders Group, Inc. for more than five years. He is currently the marketing and advertising coordinator for DaySmart Software, the makers of Orchid Medical Spa Software. Outside of work, Thom is an avid writer and photographer. His written and photographic work has been published in literary magazines, and he has performed onstage alongside poet Rodrigo Toscano. For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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