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10 Things About...Ensuring Your Client’s Comfort

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When establishing relationships with your clients, it is important that they feel comfortable prior to receiving a treatment. In order to make a lasting impression, there are many things to take into account that will benefit, or hinder, the client’s overall experience. The client’s comfort level may be the determining factor in whether or not they return to your spa to receive another treatment. From spa cleanliness to listening and achieving the client’s wants and needs, here are 10 things that will help ensure your clients’ comfort level:

air conditioning thermostat1. Ask if the temperature is adequate. After draping, provide circulation in the room to keep the client cool or a blanket if they are chilled. Usually a lightweight blanket tucked around their feet will provide a secure, comfortable feeling in a room that may be more comfortable for the practitioner than the recipient.

2-32. Ask the client about their favorite scent and music preference. Along with a first impression, the wrong smell can turn any visit into the client’s last visit. It is also important to avoid any obnoxious or inappropriate music as it will not provide a serene, relaxing environment for the client.

3. Review the client’s home care routine. When you review the client’s grooming schedule, it gives you a quick overview as to how much time they spend on cleaning and protecting their skin. It also shows the products they use and how serious they are with home care.

4. Wash your hands/select your protection. Each service requires contact with the client’s skin, hair or nails. Your client will appreciate the fact that you are precautious and aware of the sanitation factors with the service.

5. Listen to the client’s reason for visiting the spa. Even if your client is a deep-pore cleansing facial regular, maybe this particular visit they want a hydration treatment because of a photo shoot, wedding or special appearance. A deep pore cleansing treatment will cause more discontent with your service than appreciation.
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6. Ask the client how their day is going. Remember, it is the little things. If they seem a little more stressed than usual, an extra few minutes with a neck or foot massage may make all the difference.

87. Explain the steps of your service. A client will appreciate the quiet time when she already knows the protocol or steps involved in the treatment.

8. Keep your conversation on the client. This person is in your chair for personal maintenance… not to hear about you. Business is business; focus on the client’s needs, time restraints, budget and end results.

99. Provide some quiet time. Allow the client to breathe, relax, listen to the music, inhale the aromas, and let go. Step out of the room for 10 minutes or provide a hand and foot massage while the client rests.

1010. Always keep your retail products on display. When the client leaves the treatment room, they are thinking about the products that you used during her service or products you recommended during the treatment. Do not be shy about having half a dozen products sitting on the checkout counter. With a short reminder as to why you have selected these items, she will pick out the ones she wants to purchase that day.




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