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Tools of the Trade: Body Treatments

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Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend for body treatments.

4546Lead aesthetician of Advance-Esthetic
Olha Maikina

“Zemits Lipoless has 3 modules which allow for treatment for all ages with different concerns: from body contouring, anti-cellulite, and/or weight loss (skin tightening). Cavitation RF combination will grant you amazing results. This unit goes up to 50W/cm2 as compared to the average 20 to 30W/cm2, and is FDA-registered. Love this machine not only for its functions and modern design, but its power, effectiveness, and easy-to-use touch­screen panel. A sleek extraordinary unit to add to your practice!”

Founder of Bella Schneider Beauty Professional Skin Care
Bella Schneider

"The Ballancer Compression Body System performs a thorough lymph massage and an acupressure treatment to successfully eliminate toxins from the body while the client experiences a deep state of relaxation. It offers several modalities and is used to fight cellulite, stimulate elasticity and collagen, and help the body recover from workouts by reducing lactate buildup. Great to couple with facials, body treatments, and serves as an add on to all cellulite reduction work. It is lucrative and simple to use, I recommend it to all aestheticians and spa professionals."

President of Onyx Medical Inc.
Roger Machson

“CollaJam Plus Cream™ is great because it improves elasticity, tightens loose skin, and reduces wrinkles on the face and body in two treatments done 10 days apart. The skin’s reaction to the treatment is, basically, a reorganization of existing collagen and new collagen production. I would recommend this as a viable treatment for skin tightening because you can see results relatively quickly, without expensive equipment or down time. Clients will see a difference in the skin on the knees, elbows, décolleté, stomach, and upper arms in two treatments, tops.”

President of PFB Vanish Inc.
Ottmar Stubler

“In today’s selfie-centered world, people care about their appearance more than ever, even me! I love applying the skini cream on a daily basis because it has so many benefits; it acts as my daily body moisturizer after the shower and prevents dehydration within skin, increases circulation, restores collagen, and has the slightest tingling sensation that is really stimulating. Now, from head to toe, my skin is smooth, even-toned, and hydrated!”

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