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How do you stay in control of a bossy client?

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“Of course we all want to give our clients what they want and keep them satisfied, coming back, and referring. However, they look to us for guidance and our expert opinion, so it’s important to stick to our guns. I find that giving them a choice A and a choice B during our monthly session gives my bossy clients some control. I am very careful to make sure both treatment options are equally beneficial and keep us on track of our skin care goals.”
Glennda Lane, medical aesthetician at Woodglen Aesthetics

“First of all, I am in control. I simply listen to the client wants and needs and am very professional about giving my suggestions. The key is to listen to them first before interjecting your thoughts. Clients just want to be heard.”
Gregory Coltren, head aesthetician at Syeni Salon & Spa

“The key factor with staying in control of a bossy client is to remain calm. Acting rattled and upset will only show the client there is room to negotiate since they are getting a reaction from you (whether positive or negative). Remember, a bossy client is looking for attention, usually stemmed by a lack somewhere else. Your job as a professional is to make them feel welcome, but also confident in your skills and expertise in your own workplace. Hear them out, then politely ask them to give you the same courtesy. Make sure your explanation is backed by common sense that the average person can understand. Filling their ears with technical jargon will only fuel the fire. If all else fails at that point, refer them to a supervisor or manager for assistance. If you have followed all of the above steps, a good supervisor will have no problem backing you up.”
Ryan Skelton, director at Avante Laser Training Institute

“The best way I have found is to truly listen to them. Most people like that just want to be heard. I know that I am the professional and will say no if I have to, but most times I don’t have to. Once they have spoken and I have listened and acknowledged them, I can explain my professional opinion and then they end up listening and agreeing with me. Respecting someone always prevails in the end.”
Nanette Johansen, spa manager/aesthetician at Cimarron Spa

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