Debra Koerner hosts health and well-being TV series for PBS.

Author, entrepreneur, and spa expert Debra Koerner hosts health and well-being TV series for PBS. The Journey into Wellbeing® began airing in February on PBS stations in eight states. Koerner, known as Debra K on the show, is the co-
owner of imassage, Inc.; executive director of the Destination Spa Group; and author of Success from the Start. The pilot episode was shot in Kentucky and Debra K plans to uncover the secrets to living a vibrant life with shows dedicated to
every state.

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  • Comment Link Mark A. McKenney Wednesday, 03 April 2013 13:54 posted by Mark A. McKenney

    Is there a schedule of the spas, wellness centers or other locations that you are going to visit? On PBS or your website?Continue to "make noise' about this on the internet!

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