Tuesday, 21 June 2016 09:49

The Great Divide: How to Separate Eyelash Extensions

Written by   Sophy Merszei, CEO of NovaLash, Inc.

Of all the skills an eyelash extension artist must master, separation is arguably the most important. Not only does separation ensure that every natural eyelash is free to grow and stay healthy, but it also ensures that every eyelash gets bonded. The very process of separating the eyelashes serves to fluff up the extensions and make them look more aesthetic.



  • Starting at the outer corner of the eye, carefully separate the eyelashes.
  • As soon as a pair of attached extensions are found, immediately separate them, checking each eyelash.
  • Systematically check the root of every eyelash one by one, repeating and moving inward toward the nose until every eyelash and extension has been separated.
  • To verify that no extensions are stuck to the undereye sticker, gently lift all of the eyelashes and extensions with straight tweezers.
  • Repeat these separation procedures until all extensions and eyelashes are fully separated from root to tip.
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