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Monday, 06 July 2015 16:18

Skin Care MYTHS: Heat makes wax pots sterile.

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STATEMENT: Heat makes wax pots sterile.

Facts: The proper temperature to kill all bacteria is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, for at least 30 minutes. Wax at this temperature would be scalding hot and extremely dangerous if it were to be applied to the skin. Because waxing is an invasive process, it is a skin care professional’s duty to sanitize the waxing area before performing a service so that clients are not at risk for infection. To ensure proper and professional procedures, the following must be implemented:

  1. No double dipping the wax applicator into the wax pot.
  2. Disposables, such as spatulas, used during the service should be placed in a closed lid jar and kept near the waxing station.
  3. Tweezers and scissors should be sterilized in an autoclave.
  4. Skin care professionals should always wash their hands and wear protective gloves.
  5. The counters, walls, and floors of the treatment room should be sanitized.
  6. Disposable sheets and towels should be used.

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