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Breathing Deeply for Glowing Skin

Written by   Anabel de La Vega, skin care program director at Boca Beauty Academy

Deep breathing is one of the healthiest exercises for the body and skin. It relaxes the muscles and delivers oxygen to every cell in the body. It also increases the functionality of every system in the body. Furthermore, a person's blood pressure lowers as their muscles let go of tension.

Deep breathing triggers the release of endorphins, which improves feelings of well-being and pain relief. It also detoxifies the lymphatic system and encourages the release of harmful toxins.



Deep breathing regenerates new cells and improves the skin. It also stimulates cellular regeneration, bringing back the skin's natural glow, and eliminates dull, blotchy, and lackluster skin. When the circulatory system works at its best, the skin's texture improves.

Learning how to breath properly also helps with the anti-aging process. When a person breathes quickly, they accelerate the aging process and elevate their stress levels. Breathing slowly can calm a person and halt a stress reaction. Deep breathing shifts the body's balance of carbon dioxide in favor of energizing oxygen. The lymphatic system gets a serious boost from deep breathing. It delivers nutrients and collects cellular waste while helping to destroy pathogens.pic1

Deep breathing helps the skin's complexion by decreasing bumps, blemishes, and redness. The oxygen that is provided by deep breathing helps with metabolism and cell renewal restoration. The more a person oxygenizes their skin, the better chance they have obtaining healthy, youthful skin.

Deep breathing promotes efficient sleep and maintains the skin's youthful appearance. Every night while a person sleeps, the body repairs itself by replacing dead cells with new ones.

People feel more beautiful when they have a positive disposition. Deep breathing boosts the neurochemical production in the brain, lowers the stress hormone in the body, and lifts the mood. It also improves posture as the body automatically shifts to a straightened position.

When the body receives enough oxygen, the cells and tissues are nourished. Extra oxygen in the body triggers fat burning. When a person is under stress, they burn glucose instead of fat. By performing breathing exercises, a person can burn off more fat than sugar, leading to weight loss.

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