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Friday, 22 October 2021 10:26

Urticaria Uncluttered: Treating & Preventing Hives

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Hives can be rather mystifying and confusing. Many skin conditions are easy to identify but hives are sometimes red, sometimes not, sometimes show up as little bumps, and sometimes as raised swollen patches or welts. They can result from various triggers and can last for differing lengths of time. This type of rash may be resolved within minutes, two weeks, or longer. The more skin care professionals know about identifying and understanding the triggers and which ingredients resolve this skin condition, the better.

Google is the go-to for many people to search anything and everything. The plethora of information that can be found on any topic is mind boggling. However, professionals must sift through much information trying to decipher what is accurate, a paid ad, or false claims. It is not easy. Therefore, when it comes to serious health concerns, spas should recommend clients to visit their doctor. Aestheticians are trained in the care of skin and are knowledgeable in many skin conditions and their solutions, but for hives, a visit to a dermatologist, primary care doctor, or allergist may be needed. This is especially true if the condition is chronic or the hives are accompanied by dizziness, swelling of the throat or face, or difficult breathing; immediate medical attention will be needed.

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Cali VanAelstSince graduating from Pivot Point in 1989, Cali VanAelst has paved her way as one of the industry’s best. After years in the aesthetic field focusing on skin care, ingredients, spa management, and the full range of aesthetics, waxing is her passion. VanAelst grew a strong and successful waxing business through her Brazilian and eyebrow services – waxing more than 400 Brazilians a month. As a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician, VanAelst has become an expert in the waxing field, has been named the “Best Waxer,” and has been featured in many articles. Currently the national training director for Perron Rigot, Inc., VanAelst’s passion for waxing is fueled by her hands-on education and coaching fellow aestheticians. As a contributing writer to many industry magazines and an educator, she continues to inspire fresh new ideas in the waxing genre.


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