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Working Wax: 7 Successful Ways to Market Waxing

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Waxing is one of the highest money-making services in the spa industry.Due to quick service times and low overhead cost, it is a no-brainer.Offering waxing services will make money for a spa, waxing studio, or medical skincare business. However, simply adding waxing to the spa’s list of services is not enough; marketing waxing services is vital for the spa. Even the most beautiful environment and the best service may not be enough.If people do not know where the spa is located and what it offersthe business will lose the chance of business. Whether a solo waxing studio or a large spa, marketing has never been more important. With the increasing level of competition and more businesses dedicated exclusively to waxing, skin care professionals need to stand out using intentional strategies that will propel their business to another level. 

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Cali Vanaelst



Since graduating from Pivot Point in 1989, Cali VanAelst has paved her way as one of the industry’s best. After years in the aesthetic field focusing on skin care, ingredients, spa management, and the full range of aesthetics, waxing is her passion. VanAelst grew a strong and successful waxing business through her Brazilian and eyebrow services – waxing more than 400 Brazilians a month. As a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician, VanAelst has become an expert in the waxing field being named the “Best Waxer,” as well as being featured in many articles. Currently, the national training director for Perron Rigot, Inc., VanAelst’s passion for waxing is fueled through her hands-on education and coaching fellow aestheticians. As a contributing writer to many industry magazines and educators, she continues to inspire fresh new ideas in the waxing genre. 

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