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Restore Business with Waxing

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This classroom originally appeared in the 2020 Summit of Aethetics.


Restore Business with Waxing 

Make more money and increase clientele with waxing. In this webinar, learn proven ways to make more money by implementing simple, consistent strategies. Explore the questions and answers as to how waxing can point the trajectory of business to greater success. No matter which area of aesthetics a skin care professional’s passion lies, cash in on the opportunities of waxing by adding it to the menu. By incorporating small changes and fresh workarounds, skin care professionals will see huge gains.

Since graduating from Pivot Point in 1989, Cali VanAelst has been a practicing aesthetician and licensed cosmetologist. VanAelst paved her way within the industry and was named “Best Waxer” by New City Chicago Magazine, as well as being featured in many articles. VanAelst has become an expert in the waxing field and a contributing writer for many industry magazines. She has been educating aestheticians in waxing for the last 15 years. Currently the national training director for Perron Rigot, Inc., VanAelst’s passion for waxing is fueled through her hands-on education and coaching fellow aestheticians. She grew a strong successful waxing business through her Brazilian and eyebrow services. Now a highly sought-after speaker and educator, she continues to inspire new and fresh ideas in the waxing genre.

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