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Tuesday, 17 March 2020 08:18

What A Tool!

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Professional equipment and skin care tools are one of my favorite things to learn about, so the February issue has been a fun month of planning. Our industry has such a healthy mix of tried-and-true devices and cutting-edge advancements to help clients and their skin. This month’s issue focuses on effective equipment in the spa and addressing a few of the top tools to consider adding to a spa menu: galvanic, microcurrent, IPL, and LED.


If considering using galvanic tools, discover everything from its therapeutic uses to its place in the spa with Jessica Slorah in Going Galvanic. As for microcurrent, it continues to grow in its ability to treat clients to a whole new spa experience. Take a moment to learn the physiology and correct application for the most optimal outcome in the spa in Mastering Microcurrent by Alexandra Zani.


Intense Pulsed Light, better known as IPL, has been around for quite some time; but to truly understand the results that can come from this treatment, Louis Silberman discusses why skin care professionals should consider it for clients in Results in a Flash. And to top it all off, LED’s significant benefits are finally being recognized throughout the industry. But how does a professional know which wavelength is right for the skin and what should they look for in a device? Find out in Red, Light, Blue Light by Pam Cushing as she dives into the proper usage of LED.


But before utilizing equipment to treat clients, don’t forget to perform a proper skin analysis. In Skin Analysis Methodology, learn from Richard Merrill proper steps and equipment for an accurate dermal assessment of clients within a spa setting.


To wrap up the February issue, we are featuring a dynamic duo that is breaking into the industry spotlight: Patrick Johnson and Denise Ryan. Read their story and discover how it is never too late to take risks in life and start anew.


In addition to the content in this magazine, there’s so much more online. Visit throughout the month to browse through new articles on social media management, plus our 20 monthly columns. Enjoy!

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