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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 09:22

How to Choose: Private Label Products

To meet ever increasing revenue demands, garner more control over products used at the spa, and stand out from competition with unique offerings that cannot be replicated elsewhere, many spa owners turn to private label. While this decision can bring a host of benefits and excitement, it can also come with apprehension and uncertainty when it comes to deciding on a company with which to private label. Using the guidelines below can be helpful and bring peace of mind when examining companies up close and determining who will be the best fit.



Before committing to a company, it is important to determine how involved you want to be in the development process and assess if the company’s research and testing laboratory is equipped to produce what you are envisioning. If you have a formula wish list in mind, is this something the company can accommodate? Are they able to take on custom creation proposals? Will it be easy to communicate feedback? On the flipside, if you are looking for a simpler custom labeling experience, one in which your logo is placed on an already established formula, you will want to check to see if the company has stock formulas available.



For some spas, one of the biggest motivating factors for choosing to private label is to be able to offer something unique and distinct to their client base – something that cannot be found or replicated elsewhere. For this reason, it may be important to determine if the private labeling company you are considering offers non-disclosure agreements. Are they committed to protecting your formulas and projects?



When offering products to clients, spa owners want to be able to trust that the products are up to par with current laws and regulations in the industry to ensure client safety and satisfaction. Assessing a private label company’s compliance with laws and regulations, such as FDA requirements, is important in guaranteeing the products you will be offering clients are of the highest quality possible.



Some who choose to private label may be seeking a simple process that does not involve too much innovation or work on their end. For these individuals, using the packaging options available through the private label company might be ideal. However, others may hope to use their own packaging designs. For such, it is important to check that the company can accommodate this kind of request. If they can, what is the review process like? Do they require a sample of your packaging prior to filling to be sure it meets labeling requirements and regulations and is compatible with the product and their production equipment? It may be a red flag if not. Such precautions are important for quality control and your safety and satisfaction.



Other factors that may be important when determining a private label company to work with can vary depending on your needs and goals. Are you hoping to offer clients vegan, cruelty-free, or fragrance-free products? If so, vet the private label company for the types of ingredients it uses when formulating. Is it important to you to be able to test the private label products before committing to a large purchase order? If yes, look for a company that offers samples and check to see what the process is like for obtaining samples. You may also want to consider a company’s customer service, commitment to its customers, pricing, shipping policies, ease of communication, and more.


By considering a company’s product development process, confidentiality policies, manufacturing standards, packaging options, and more, you can find the confidence you need in selecting a quality partner for your private labeling needs.

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