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Monday, 16 December 2019 12:53

Spa Giving: Easy Ways to Pay it Forward

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Giving back to the community feels so good and it is very rewarding and a special thing for a business to do. I love to donate my time and give attention to girls of all ages and women born with down syndrome. I enjoy not only making them up but also making them look pretty and feel good.


My company also donates to the Special Olympics, and other organizations for people with down syndrome, with free sampling, skin care, and makeup products. We give away gift baskets or swag bags for events these organizations do. In addition, to go the extra mile, I like to do little princess and birthday parties. We host seasonal and fun events and invite them to enjoy, mix, and mingle with our clients.




The way I really got started on this beautiful venture, full speed ahead, is my twin brother passed away. He was born with down syndrome and he was sunshine on a cloudy day. He was smart, happy, always smiling, and the kindest guy. He was an athlete in the Special Olympics and won many medals for swimming. He could swim and I cannot, although I tried. His spirit and personality were larger than life and you knew it when he walked into the room. He was quite handsome and a charmer at that.


After my twin brother passed away, I suffered a deep period of depression. It was a period and feeling I had never felt before and never want to feel again. I was not myself and found day-to-day life hard to carry on. After many months, I thought about how I could get out of this dark place. My twin, sweet Norman, would want me to be happy. So, I put my heart and soul into helping girls who were born with down syndrome.


I decided to do a one-day lipstick promotion through an e-mail blast and invited our clients to shop for a cause, since my passion is lipstick. We donated $0.50 from the sale of each tube to the Special Olympics. Our clients connected with this promotion and event and my business even more so. Many did not realize my twin was born with down syndrome and the lipstick promotion was a success.


Then, I got the attention of a newspaper reporter who wanted to interview me and all I do. This caught the eye (and heart) of a mom in town who has a pre-teenage daughter with down syndrome. The mom read the news feature and quickly saw I was not your usual spa. She needed someone who understands and can treat her daughter with care and ease. I was so happy she reached out to me. It made me smile again – this time with both my lips and heart. She asked me if I could do a skin care and introductory makeup lesson for her daughter, Kelsey. She wanted a soft natural look. I told her that is my specialty, she loved it, and we hit if off so well she not only is a client, she is one of my dear friends.


I have also hired her for open houses and other events we do for office projects that come up from time to time at my studio. She has been featured with me not only in newspapers but also in blogs and professional trade publications. Next week I am using Kelsey on television as my model for a beauty segment I do on a morning show here in sunny Florida. She and her mom are so excited.




What I have found is people truly like to do business with nice people. They love it even more when you do things like this for a cause. Kindness goes a long way.


What do you do? Do you have a cause or organization you are passionate about?


Your clients will admire you and your business even more and you will also feel gratified.


If you have not found a cause or interacted with the community, I understand, as we are so busy with our day-to-day businesses and taking care of our clients that we do not always have time to spare.


I hope you will consider and think about getting involved with your community. Choose a cause close to your heart and go with that. Take baby steps.


For example, The Heart Association, autism awareness, breast cancer, and local food banks are all great causes. There are so many possibilities! Brainstorm with your team and choose what you wish.


Spread the word about what you are going to do through the newspaper, television media, a news release, a newsletter to your clients, or a postcard mailed out to clients. Spread the buzz on Facebook and on Instagram, as well.


I wish you much success as you follow your passion and get involved with the community.



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Noreen Young is an author, makeup artist, skin therapist, blogger, and beauty business owner. She guest speaks and educates all across the country. She is a television personality and is seen on various television stations and heard on the radio with her beauty and wellness segments. Her work has been featured in magazines and on blogs. She has created three DVDs for beauty professionals: “Beauty Begins with a Brush,” “Entertaining in Your Salon or Spa,” “Hello Gorgeous,” and “Diamonds Aren’t A Girls Best Friend…Makeup Is.” She recently created a blog just for the beauty professional, salon, and spa owner.

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