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Monday, 23 May 2011 14:30

Worth a Look - June 2011

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Aesthetic VideoSource

Professional Facial Techniques for Sun-damaged and Dehydrated Skin DVD: Eva Mileski tackles two common enemies of the skin: Sun-damage and dehydration. Learn how to provide a vitamin C facial to counteract the effects of the sun and a hydrating layered facial with a modeling mask. 800-414-2434, www.videoshelf.com, or CRR# 127 Advertisers Index

Alex Cosmetic

Vitamin C White Cream is an effective moisturizing care cream specially designed to unify the skin color and avoid over pigmentation. Vitamin C and exotic plant extracts help to increase the skin's brightness and reduce the uneven coloration produced by solar radiation’s effect on the skin and over pigmentation. It reduces brown spots and discoloration from acne while moisturizing factor restores firmness and elasticity of the skin. 877-313-ALEX, www.alexcosmeticusa.com, CRR# 103 Advertisers Index

De La Terre Skincare®

The latest research shows that blocking the sun has left us vitamin D deficient. There are many health benefits to the sun and we should learn to embrace its health benefits. Unlike sunscreens/sun blocks, Sun Diffuser takes ‘from the earth’ herbal extracts, which boost the production of a network of protective enzymes that defend skin cells against UV damage that can lead to aging and skin cancers. 828-252-8400, www.delaterreskincare.com, or CRR# 221 Advertisers Index


Oxygen O2 Ampoule is an active concentrate with oxygen for vital looking skin. Provides an instant sensation of freshness. Stimulates skin metabolism to strengthen skin’s natural defenses. Boosts hydration and adds radiance to the skin. Also contains olive derived Squalane as a natural emollient. 866-693-7006 (W), 888-266-0820 (SW), 260-444-2275 (MW), 888-845-1191 (SE), 877-374-4772 (NE), 800-561-3766 (Canada), www.grandel.de, or CRR# 178 Advertisers Index

Éminence Organic Skin Care

Éminence Organic Skin Care is thrilled to announce the launch of their most age-defying collection of active organic skin care yet. Take years off your client’s skin this summer with the new Zero Gravity Collection for incredible lifting and firming results from Mother Nature’s fountain of youth. The Zero Gravity Collection lifts and strengthens skin; while the signs of aging that appear in fragile, sagging skin disappear to reveal a fresh, youthful glow. 888-747-6342, www.eminenceorganics.com, or CRR# 165 Advertisers Index

Germaine de Capuccini

SOS Rescue Sun is a refreshing facial mask, specially formulated to rehydrate and instantly relieve sun-damaged skin while prolonging its tan. It reduces redness, heat, stinging, tightness and flaking, and regenerates skin for a quicker recovery. The mask also inhibits free-radical production and increases collagen synthesis. 800-842-9922 (NE and MW); 888-477-1477 (SE and W), www.germaine-de-capuccini.us, or CRR# 111 Advertisers Index

Institut’ DERMed

Lyn Ross, founder of Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare, has just released the new skin care guide “Your Guide to Beautiful Skin at Any Age.” The book provides a blend of consumer and professional tips aimed at cutting through the confusion about skin care products. Written over a two-year period, this book draws from Ross’ extensive client experiences. Questions surrounding product ingredients, professional treatments and the benefits of understanding your skin are all addressed here. 770-454-7788, www.idermed.com, or CRR# 162 Advertisers Index

Lotus Moon

The hands are the first part of the body to show signs of aging; so provide your clients with a product formulated with 76 percent certified organic ingredients. With Lotus Moon’s Luxury Hand Crème your client’s hands get a moisturizer created with fair trade cocoa butter, mango, and shea butters that absorb quickly without the oily residue. The added boost from the living essence of roses, blended with carrot oil, avocado, and vitamin E soothe, protect, and reenergize your client’s precious hands leaving them soft and armed to face another hard working day. 510-865-8038, www.smbessentials.com, CRR# 101 Advertisers Index

Orchid Medical Spa Software

Orchid Medical Spa Software’s exciting new feature, Orchid Android app, runs on any mobile device, such as a phone or tablet that runs Android. The user can remotely access many exciting features in Orchid Medical Spa Software, such as: View appointments, view client/patient history, add new appointments, view product information, edit existing appointments, view service information, add/edit clients and patients, and run totals reports. 877-849-5594, www.medicalspasoftware.com, or CRR# 102 Advertisers Index

PCA skin®

Weightless Protection SPF 45 from PCA skin is a revolutionary formulation that provides physical broad-spectrum protection with a quick-absorbing and light finish. Caffeine provides additional protection against cell damage while the powerful antioxidant silymarin suppresses UVB-induced skin edema and the formation of sunburn cells. 877-722-7335, www.pcaskin.com, or CRR# 199 Advertisers Index

pevonia® BOTANICA Skincare

The Lumafirm™ Freeze-Dried At Home Intensifier delivers visible, immediate, spa-quality benefits with the latest in freeze-dried technology. Unlike any other treatment on the market, this revolutionary micronized at-home freeze-dried treatment delivers an immediate transformation. A powerful combination of the latest in skin repairing and brightening agents: Sorghum bicolor and diacetyl boldine combine to visibly transform a dull and uneven complexion to a firmer, visibly brighter, and more even skin tone with an enviable glow. 386-882-2334, www.shoppevonia.com, or CRR# 278 Advertisers Index


SAIAN® Pure Marine Collagen and Elastin spray enhances moisture levels, hydrates, improves functions of skin capillaries, and recovers loss of firmness and elasticity. Oxygenates and stimulates natural skin collagen production and produces visible plumping of the skin around eyes, mouth, and forehead. 800-291-1130, www.saian.net, or CRR# 250 Advertisers Index

Sanítas Skincare

Sanítas Skincare’s Peptiderm Moisturizing Cream contains high concentrations of peptides, vitamins, and oxygenating factors that help stimulate the production of skin forming fibers, collagen and elastin at the cellular level. Regular use of this cream can help slow the effects of aging, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and soften and moisturize the skin. 888-855-8425,
www.sanitas-skincare.com, or CRR# 153 Advertisers Index


The Galvanic Point Pen uses a constant direct current that produces an electrochemical effect. Galvanic currents are used to force water-soluble skin care products deeper into the skin and past the outer layers of the epidermis in order to achieve maximum anti-aging benefits. 310-231-0419 or www.teispa.com Advertisers Index



Mineral Radiance Crème Powder Foundation is a long-wearing, lightweight 2-in-1 cream-to-powder foundation that provides build-able, effortless coverage. Glides on smoothly with a creamy feel and sets to a luminous, powdery finish. The nutrient-rich formula helps soothe redness and keeps skin hydrated and supple. 800-216-6133, www.ybskin.com, or CRR# 295 Advertisers Index

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